Originally posted on 15 October 2011
Last edited on 22 June 2015
Source: Official site

Fatal Frame II: Distribution of the DVD

In this corner, Fatal Frame II's producer Kikuchi and director Shibata will tell us what went on behind the scenes on development.

After Tokyo Game Show

―Tokyo Game Show is finally over.

Shibata: Fatal Frame II is a game where it's important that you immerse yourself in the atmosphere, so we had people play it in dark, private booths while wearing headphones.

―What was the reaction to Fatal Frame II like?

Kikuchi: It garnered lots of praise. The problem was that we ended up with a gathering of several times more people than we had anticipated, so unfortunately there were some people who had to wait two hours to play it... I'm very sorry. Thanks to everyone who played.

Shibata: We had established a time limit, so it looks like there were some people who never made it to the end of the demo - I'm really sorry.

―You surveyed the people who played the game on the final day of the show.

Kikuchi: We'll look over all of the opinions we received and use them to help with development.

Shibata: Of course, the retail version will be even more evolved than the Game Show version. We're making it into a game that will satisfy the ones who wrote that they were interested to find out what happens next, so people hang on a little longer until the release on 27 November.

The distribution of the DVD

―By the way, you're going to be presenting everyone with a DVD from the middle of this month, is that correct?

Kikuchi: Yes, that's right. Earlier I announced that we were working to make sure that everyone could hear Chou, the image song, as soon as possible, and we're finally ready. At last, we can show you a promotional movie including the song as sung by Tsukiko Amano. There's all kinds of other stuff in there too, like gameplay footage and a video advertisement that is making its domestic debut.

Shibata: We rave so much about Tsukiko Amano's song that maybe it actually sounds fishy, but all of your doubts will disappear when you see this movie. As a fan, each time I hear that someone became a fan of hers because of the promo movie it makes me happy.

Kikuchi: I think there will also be people who have already seen the promo movie in stores. Anyway, both the video and the song have been received favourably, so I hope lots of people get to see it.

Shibata: And please make sure to place your preorders.

―I'm sure they will if they like what they see. The DVD also comes with a booklet?

Kikuchi: The booklet is in the style of a visual book. It includes character images of the twins who are the main characters, so even though it's a horror game it's prettily made.

Shibata: It also contains comments from Ten Shimoyama, who directed the promo movie, and Tsukiko Amano. Personally, I recommed what Ms. Amano wrote.

Kikuchi: A lot of effort was put into this, so I hope you look forward to it.