Originally posted on 2 March 2012
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Source: Fatal Frame II Official Guidebook

Fatal Frame II: Tamashizume - About the Author

Japanese Folklore Anthology 7
Seijiro Makabe, Ryozo Munakata

Seijiro Makabe (真壁 清次郎)
Folklorist, 1885-1946, Tokyo

A folklorist who researched the various faiths and legends rooted in each region as he travelled across Japan. His catalogue includes over 80 works. This book, his final work, is based upon a collection of his research notes, revised and published by Ryozo Munakata, the apprentice who accompanied him to Minakami Village. Other famous works include "Gods of the Ghost Towns" (Enta Shobo), Izanagi-no-Sato (Shuun Shuppan), etc.

If this book is ever completed, I would like to dedicate it to my good friend Kunihiko Asou. - Seijiro Makabe