Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night Official Guidebook, page 4

Echo Night: Rockwell Family Tree

The Rockwell family met with continued prosperity thanks to the power of the red stone obtained by Allen Rockwell. However, even that prosperity would not last forever. During the time of Allen's fifth generation of descendants, the red stone was stolen by one whose family's lives had been claimed by it. Having lost the red stone's power, the Rockwells at some point fell into decline before finally disappearing from the public eye. Later on, William Rockwell, investigating the history of the family, learned of the red stone's existence and finally tracked it down. Having obtained the red stone, William became a successful businessman in the blink of an eye. Eventually, having misapprehensions about the existence of the blue stone, the opposite of the red stone, William slaughtered the family who possessed it. The blue stone, however, had already been taken away by Henry, the household's only son.