Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night 2 Official Guidebook, page 104

Echo Night 2: About R&C

About R&C, the Rockwell and Clancy families

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Rockwell family made their name as a leading conglomerate, even in America, thanks to the successes of its head at the time, William. However, this success was a blood-stained one, piled atop the countless corpses of those who became sacrifices to the red stone. William even turned the dagger on his own family in pursuit of his insatiable desires, but his prosperity was laid to waste at the hand of Richard Osmond, a young man whose family had been taken from him by the red stone. Despite losing even his name, Rockwell's lived on. His niece, Elizabeth Rockwell, married into the house of Clancy, a noble family of British origin, leaving behind offspring of her own. Thus the Rockwell family, driven to the brink of ruin by the red stone, changed names, passing to the Clancy family along with the Rockwell bloodline.

William Rockwell
Born: 1831
Died: 1937 (aged 106)

The last head of the Rockwell family. Drawn in by the fate-manipulating powers of the red stone, he spilled much blood. He indiscriminately killed all of the passengers aboard his ship, the Orpheus, relatives and crew alike.

Even William, who obtained great power through the power of the red stone, met his end to that very stone.