Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night Perfect Guide, page 127

Echo Night: Red Stone & Blue Stone

The Birth of the Red Stone

At the beginning of the 15th century, there lived an alchemist in a certain country who deeply sought the power to change a person's destiny. One day he met a man, and used the knowledge gleaned from this encounter to create a red stone. This stone contained the power to change a person's destiny for which he had wished. The alchemist was wild with joy, but was killed by his friend, a knight named Andrew, who had learned the secret of the stone. Having taken the stone for his own, Andrew used its power to change one's destiny, rising high enough to even capture the throne.

The Birth of the Blue Stone

The alchemist who created the red stone had a son who too made his living as an alchemist. After the death of his father, he discovered documents pertaining to the red stone whilst investigating the records he had left behind. Having learned that it was Andrew who murdered his father, he set about researching a way to destroy the red stone and avenge his death. With the cooperation of a certain man, the son's labours bore fruit, resulting in the creation of a blue stone. However, the man was sickly, and could do no more. After commissioning a mercenary named Allen Rockwell to destroy the red stone and entrusting the blue stone to him, the son breathed his last.

Allen's Desires

Allen, learning of the two stones' powers, murdered Andrew, then took the red stone for his own. In order to render his own authority unshakable, Allen split the blue stone in two, keeping half on his person and concealing the other elsewhere. The red stone was passed down in the Rockwell family from generation to generation, bringing the family prosperity. Behind the scenes, however, many lives were given to it as sacrifices.

But four generations after Allen's time, one whose family's lives had been taken because of the red stone stole both stones from the Rockwells. Without the stone's power, the Rockwells fell into ruin in the blink of an eye, finally disappearing from the public eye altogether.

William's Time

As the end of the 19th century drew near, William Rockwell, investigating the history of his family, learned of the existences of the red and blue stones. William set about searching for the red stone in order to restore his family to its former glory. He also chased down the blue stone fragment that had been held by Allen, slaughtering the family through which it had been passed down. However, the blue stone had already been taken away by Henry, the family's only son. Having made his getaway, Henry swore revenge on William, and began to investigate the origins of the two stones. Finally, Henry attempted to kill William, but failed. The blue stone passed to William's granddaughter, Crea.

Despite a tenacious search by William, the whereabouts of the other fragment of the blue stone hidden away by Allen remained unknown.