Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Nebula Echo Night Official Complete Guide, page 6

Nebula Echo Night: Timeline of Lunar Development

2012 AD LIL Foundation (※1) announces Lunar Migration Project. Applications open with the goal of migrating one billion people to the moon.
2014 AD Full-scale construction of lunar city "Diana" begins. Completion is forecast for around 2040, but actually takes place in 2020.
2020 AD Meteorite falls near lunar facility, causing malfunctions in some systems. Lunar Migration Project indefinitely suspended.
2038 AD Japanese corporation Hoshioka Materials Corp. (※2) acquires lunar facility. Lunar development resumes.
2040 AD Remodelling of lunar facility completed. At the same time, mining of lunar mineral resources begins, and a new variety of red crystal is discovered.
2042 AD Hoshioka Materials' finances take a downturn, forcing the cessation of mining operations. Facilities abandoned.
2044 AD Passenger spacecraft vanishes on Lunar Railroad overlooking lunar facility...

※1 What is the LIL Foundation?

A specialist organisation established by developed nations for the cooperation of their space technology development programmes, with the grand goal of creating a residential facility on another planet. Its chief executive is Douglas Corundum, known as the supervisor of a passenger spacecraft for civilian use. The development of the lunar facility proceeded smoothly, and the lunar city Diana was completed in 2020. It was heralded as "a historic first step taken by one billion people", but the project stalled after the crash landing of a meteorite.

※2 What is Hoshioka Materials Corp.?

A Japanese firm which operates in a large range of industries, from metalworking to real estate. They bought out the lunar facility abandoned by LIL after the meteorite crash and modified it, beginning mining operations there. In 2040, a new type of ore was discovered there, similar in colour to a ruby. It was possible for large amounts of oxygen and hydrogen to form from the crystal, and all-out mining began with the progression of space development in their sights. However, the company's finances took a turn for the worse, and mining operations were suspended with the facility left abandoned.