Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night Official Guidebook, page 86

Echo Night: About the Alchemist

About the alchemist who created the red stone and the alchemist who created the blue stone

At the beginning of the 15th century, an alchemist was conducting research in the pursuit of a power that could change a person's destiny. Using the knowledge learned from a man he met one day, he created a red stone. This very stone held the power to change a person's destiny which he sought. Naturally, he was crazed with joy, but Andrew, a friend who was a knight, murdered him in cold blood after learning the stone's secret. Andrew stole the red stone for himself, using its power to become king of the nation. However, the alchemist had a son. Like his father before him, he, too, was an alchemist, and one day, whilst studying the records left by his father, he discovered notes regarding the red stone. Upon learning that it was Andrew who murdered his father, he swore to avenge him with the destruction of the red stone and set about researching it. Eventually, he succeeded in creating a blue stone with the aid of a certain man. Hidden within this blue stone was the power to purify the evil power dwelling within the red stone and destroy it. Feeble-bodied and sickly, he entrusted the red stone's destruction to a mercenary called Allen, leaving the blue stone in his care before dying. Allen, hearing of the power held within the stone, kept the red stone for himself after recovering it instead of destroying it. Allen split the blue stone in two, keeping one half on his person while the other half was concealed in an unknown location.