Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Nebula Echo Night Official Complete Guide, page 116-122

Nebula Echo Night: Rough Sketches

Here, we will show off some of the sketches that were drawn during creation of the game. There are plenty of things to look at here, such as the detailed sketches that were drawn to give life to the game's world and designs that differ from those seen in-game.


Many ghosts are encountered on the moon. We have selected several of the most distinctive characters to highlight here.


Many items are obtained during your exploration. Enjoy getting a look at the detailed designs that are easy to miss during the game.


The game is set in the 2040s. Here are some of the contraptions that conjure the worldview of the near future, when space exploration is moving along at full speed.


These are some of the many sketches drawn in order to construct the interior of the lunar surface facility and spacecraft where the game is set.