Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Nebula Echo Night Official Complete Guide, page 124-126

Nebula Echo Night: Developer Q&A

Q: Aside from Diana, where the game is set, are there any other facilities on the moon where humans are able to live?

A: Diana was the first attempt to build a facility on the moon that could be lived in. If the initial migration succeeded, there were plans to expand the scope of Diana, ultimately leading to several hundred million people making the move.

Q: How commonplace has space travel become in this period? What kind of expenses, in current terms, would lunar travel incur?

A: Probably about the same cost as a round-the-world trip. While lunar travel has become popular, it would still likely be too cost prohibitive for it to have spread all that much. This is why everyone aboard the passenger craft Aeolus when it crash lands on the moon is financially well-off.

Q: According to the official website, an earnest search for the Aeolus was carried out after communications were lost. Are there any specialist organisations in this time that conduct rescues and investigate accidents?

A: It is reasonable to assume that the LIL Foundation were in charge of some of this as an organisation specialising in accident investigation. The LIL Foundation probably had an idea of where the Aeolus had come down, but perhaps, fearing that the public would discover the truth behind the accident that led to Diana being shut down and Hoshioka Materials' acquisition of the facility, they covered up the truth of the crash and stated it as lost instead.

Q: What is an approximation of the largest number of labourers working on Diana after the takeover by Hoshioka? Roughly how many of them made it safely back to Earth?

A: About 100 workers were sent to the moon to work at the Hoshioka mine. As mining was always accompanied by danger there were several accidents resulting in deaths, causing more recruits to be forwarded on. Not a single one of them was able to return to Earth alive.

Q: Please tell us what happened to the people who were left behind in Diana with no hope of return. When you consider that no help arrived, it seems as though the company consciously decided to abandon all of its workers on the moon...

A: High transportation expenses were incurred in dispatching workers to the facility. When the dispatch craft returned to Earth, naturally the workers were left behind at the facility. The company, concluding that mining activities were not profitable, suspended the dispatch of a transportation craft to save them. The company abandoned every one of its workers.

Q: According to Nancy Spinel's leather-bound notebook, the accident occurred in February, but the date for the solar panels is in August. Does this mean that it takes half a year before the protagonist awakens after the Aeolus crashes?

A: The protagonist is asleep for six months. The Aeolus vanished in the early hours of 13/2 (the same date as its departure), and the crash itself occurred on 17/2 (Nancy awoke on 19/2). Communications with Earth were cut off on the day of departure, but this reality was covered up and hidden from the passengers by the captain, Dan Bertrand.

Q: Why does Nancy's husband Norman not turn into a ghost? Did any of the other passengers also not turn into ghosts?

A: Not everyone who dies turns into a ghost. Those who have special emotions lingering in the world of the living or are unaware of their own deaths become ghosts. Norman died after leaving his feelings for Nancy in the notebook. Norman is an example of someone who managed to be at peace without ever turning into a ghost.

Q: The Pollucs' parents don't appear as ghosts, so what happened to them? Were they not aboard the Aeolus?

A: The Pollucs' parents died in the craft crash. They are also examples of people who didn't turn into ghosts.

Q: When and where did Claudia come into possession of the red stone? Please tell us how it happened.

A: Claudia meets the ghost of the chief (the real Richard) before meeting the protagonist. The chief is at peace after managing to reunite with Claudia. At this time he drops the red stone, which Claudia picks up and takes with her.

Q: For what reason did Claudia create the protagonist (the Richard android)?

A: The grief and sorrow were too much for Claudia when she was informed by Hoshioka Materials that Richard had died at the facility, leading her to create an android in his image.

Q: Please tell us what Claudia was doing on the Aeolus with the android. Did the red stone also lead her there, or was it a mere coincidence?

A: It's reasonable to think that Claudia's space trip (the spacecraft's crash) was an inevitability caused by the wish the chief (Richard) made upon the red stone.

Perhaps she felt a special affection for the android, despite knowing that he is not Richard, since he looks exactly like him.

Q: What did Claudia want from the android protagonist?

A: I think she wished for him to return her remains to Earth.

Q: Is it allowed, in terms of general acceptance by society, to create an android in the exact image of someone who has died in this time period? Please also tell us about the state-of-the-art android technology at the time.

Q: In terms of the level of technology, it's supposed to be mostly possible to create an android that looks exactly like a human. Pretty much where cloning is today. So I think they are at a stage where reproducing a dead person is possible, but it is a subject of controversy.

Q: Why is it that the protagonist can die, even though he's an android?

A: The notion is not one of death, but of a cessation of functioning.

Q: Why is the protagonist under the delusion that he is human?

A: This is the way he was programmed by Claudia.

Q: Why did the entrance to the auxiliary oxygen supply facility (the hatch on the moon's surface) freeze over? Did the chief freeze it intentionally when he shut in Cala, Geoffrey and Father Nice?

A: The chief froze it.

Q: Please tell us the reason why the chief was unable to return to Earth. Does it have something to do with his obtaining the "red stone" on the moon?

A: His communications with headquarters were completely cut off from their side, meaning that he, like the other workers, was abandoned by the company and left with no means of returning.

Q: Please tell us how the sick bay came to be used as a prison. Is it somehow related to Hoshioka purchasing LIL's old facility? And does this mean that Clark Brochan, who is in the guard's room, was a member of the medical staff?

A: Hoshioka hadn't dispatched any workers capable of properly using the machinery in the sick bay, so the area itself was pretty much useless to them. Because of this, you can imagine that they decided to reappropriate it as a jail, like a disciplinary room, since this would be a better use for it. Clark is just an average worker.

Q: Why does Clark have a pocket watch belonging to Descloizo?

A: Clark picked up Descloizo's pocket watch after he dropped it in the sick bay.

Q: Why is Licia Turner in possession of Riskaya's pendant?

A: It was Licia's evil spirit that killed Riskaya. Riskaya dropped it at the moment of her death, and Licia picked it up.

Q: Who broke the comms equipment in the chief's office? Please tell us why, too.

A: Hoshioka's head office shut off communications from their end, and the chief destroyed it in a fit of anger.

Q: When did the chief die? Guessing from the comms logs in his office, it seems to have been around 2040, give or take... Please also tell us what the cause of death was.

A: 2042. His cause of death was suicide by the red stone.

Q: Why did Claudia set off on the rocket with an android in the first place? Did the people around her know that the protagonist along with her was an android created in Richard's image?

A: The space trip is a premarital trip for her and the android Richard. You can also think of it as a way for her to get closer to the place where (real) Richard is said to have died, even if only a little. I don't think the others had noticed that Richard is an android.

Q: Did the wedding dress Claudia wears belong to her? If so, why did she have it with her?

A: It belonged to Claudia. To her, the trip also served the role of being a report to (real) Richard, so you can think that she took it with her to show to him.

Q: Please tell us about the facility used to perform the space burial in the good ending. Portraits of Richard and Claudia have been hung there, and it also looks sort of like a church where you might hold a wedding ceremony...

A: It's a funeral parlour. Its purpose was for sending the people who died within the facility back to Earth.

Q: Was Kenneth's (human) death by falling an accident? Or was it made a necessity by the red stone? And do the chief's later successes have anything to do with the fact that Kenneth is dead?

A: As far as the chief achieving success in exchange for Kenneth's life goes, you can think that it was required by the red stone. Regarding his fall, I'll leave it up to the player to decide.

Q: As far as one can tell from viewing the past footage of the food storehouse, the android Kenneth seems to have been something like an assistant to the chief. How did the chief explain about Kenneth to the other staff? Did any of them know Kenneth when he was alive?

A: All of the workers under the chief were aware of the fact that he was an android. However, whether or not he was "Kenneth" at the time is another matter.

Q: Kenneth continues painting pictures on the walls of the studio. Was Kenneth the sort of person who enjoyed painting as a hobby in life, too?

A: I think so, yes.

Q: After freeing all of the spirits, Kenneth paints himself on the studio wall before disappearing. Where does he go afterwards?

A: I'll leave it up to the player to decide.

Q: Was the Kenneth who died in a fall really human? It's not like he was actually an android or anything like that, is it?

A: The Kenneth who died in a fall was human.

Q: Are there any direct connections between this game and Echo Night or Echo Night #2? There are plenty of commonalities between them, such as the red stone and the protagonist's name, but their roles and settings are slightly different. I'm sure many fans would also like to know more about the relationship between each of the games...

A: About connections with past games - Echo Night, Echo Night #2 and Nebula do not have directly linked stories, but are rather treated as running parallel to each other. So with regards to the red stone, ghosts and protagonist, they are the same (or quite similar), but different.