Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Nebula Echo Night Official Complete Guide, page 114-115

Nebula Echo Night: Character Profiles

Claudia Selfer SW-W105
F/26 (b.2018) F/manufacture date unknown
Fiancée of Richard Osmond, the protagonist. She is a woman of such talent that all in the world of mechanical engineering know her name. An all-purpose work android. As it is built primarily for functional purposes, it possesses no humanoid emotions.
Dudley Tungsten Martin Hirkimer
M/42 (b.2002) M/21 (b.2021)
Development management executive at an American company with their sights set on space development. This trip was also a business trip for the purpose of observation. A peerless drinker. The youngest worker at the facility, with a timid personality. He is confined by his colleagues in order to reduce the number of mouths to feed after they run into difficulties with food provisions.
Chrysoberyl Ivanov Kenneth Livingston
M/34 (b.2010) M/manufacture date unknown
A crew member of the Svetlana, a Russian exosolar planet survey vessel. As lieutenant to the commanding officer, he possesses a strong sense of responsibility. An android who was left behind at the facility, but anything further is unknown. He is a mysterious being who possesses the same name and appearance as a close friend of the chief.
Monzo Aron Carroll Aron
M/36 (b.2008) F/6 (b.2038)
Carroll's father. He lost his wife shortly after the birth of his daughter. He has raised Carroll as a single father ever since, doting upon her. Monzo's daughter. She lost her mother not long after being born. She misses her late mother, but hides her feelings out of worry for her father.
Nice Getchell Janusz Pollucs
M/61 (b.1981) M/10 (b.2034)
A priest who was dispatched to the lunar facility. As the circumstances inside the facility worsen, he struggles to soothe the people's hearts. The heir of the Pollucses, who are descended from an ancient and noble Polish family. He is jealous of his sisters, who are adored by his parents.
Kralina Pollucs Katarina Pollucs
F/6 (b.2038) F/6 (b.2038)
The youngest Pollucs child. She is timid compared to her elder twin sister Katarina, and is quick to cry when her brother is mean to her. Kralina's elder twin sister, who has slightly strong-willed tendencies. She criticises her mean brother, but inwardly idolises him.
Richard Osmond Victor Nickel
M/30 (b.2016) M/27 (b.2017)
The chief of the lunar facility, and Claudia's fiancé. He attained his position after being recognised by the company for his discovery of a new type of regolith. First officer of the passenger craft. He is a prodigy who has been viewed as having bright prospects since he was a cadet, but his mental weakness is exposed in times of crisis.
Oliver Molibden Biggs Covellin
M/27 (b.2017) M/29 (b.2015)
The son of a food-related company's chairman, his participation in the trip is funded entirely by his father. He is uncooperative, possessing an uninhibited personality. A young businessman who made his own fortune. He has a deep love for his wife, Aki, who has supported him ever since they were completely penniless.
Aki Covellin Dan Bertrand
F/29 (b.2015) M/44 (b.2000)
Biggs' wife. She has supported him since they were poor. She is troubled by the changes in her husband as the company achieves success. The captain of the passenger craft, and a professional who takes pride in his work. He endeavours to get his subordinate, Victor, to stand on his own two feet.
Igor Hinggan Nathan Gold
M/24 (b.2020) M/28 (b.2014)
A member of the Svetlana's crew. He is the life of the party on board, often being the one to ease the volatile atmosphere. Like a big brother amongst his fellow workers. He has a sickly little sister, and joined the mining effort in order to raise funds for her operation.
Elio Dato Norman Spinel
M/34 (b.2008) M/50 (b.1994)
A management executive dispatched as Kenneth's successor. He is later demoted due to the outbreak of the fog and the delay in mining operations. Nancy's husband. He planned the space trip as a way of atoning to his wife, who had sacrificed so much due to him living only for his work.
Skutterud Riskaya Alan Coleman
F/26 (b.2018) M/24 (b.2018)
A female crew member of the Svetlana, a Russian exosolar planet survey vessel. She has had a faint crush on the captain since she was a trainee. A worker who looks up to Nathan like a real brother. He was once saved by Nathan when he was being bullied by his colleagues.
Licia Turner Rutile
F/65 (b.1979) F/4 (b.2020)
After the death of her hugely wealthy English husband, she became distrustful of others after seeing the throngs of people after her inheritance. Her pet cat Rutile is the only one she can rely on. Licia's pet cat. Like her owner she is prideful, and refuses to take to anyone other than Licia. She reacts sensitively to the sound of a summoning bell.
Alya Euxen Khristina Pegma
M/29 (b.2015) F/26 (b.2018)
A member of the Svetlana's crew. He has a hostile relationship with the captain due to his rough personality, but actually looks up to him like a father. A member of the Svetlana's crew. She has a brilliant mind, and excels in her knowledge of mechanical systems. She constantly argues with the sharp-tongued Euxen.
Sergei Descloizo Clark Brochan
M/37 (b.2007) M/32 (b.2010)
The commanding officer of the Svetlana, who is highly praised by the government for his achievements. He loves the crew members like his children. A perpetually meticulous guard. He is frustrated, having received no word from the head office even after his prisoners' sentences have been served in full.
Henry Polybas Nancy Spinel
M/40 (b.2002) F/48 (b.1996)
A facility worker who was imprisoned in the jail for threatening the chief. He is worried by the fact that he doesn't seem to be being released. Norman's wife. She constantly argues with her quiet and workaholic husband. In their 20th year of marriage, she is rethinking her relationship with her husband.
Cala Conichalco Geoffrey Amblygo
F/33 (b.2009) M/27 (b.2015)
A devout woman who looks up to Father Nice as a spiritual mentor. She is a strong-willed and boyish, and even her friends respect her. A formerly untouchable ruffian who reformed after meeting Father Nice. Regretting his past mistakes, he attempts to fix them.