Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night 2 Complete Walkthrough Guidebook, page 10-11

Echo Night 2: History of the Clancy Family

※1 Origins of the Clancy family

The house of Clancy originated as a branch of a family stemming from British royalty. Their current crest is a design derived from the letter C, but during their time in Britain they employed a crest portraying a ferocious-looking bull.

※2 Investigation of the lakeside ruins commences

While the New World is being inundated by a wave of immigrants, the family plan to stay there for a very short period of time in order to study ancient ruins visible by the lake.

※3 Death of the first family head

With no sign of research into the ruins drawing to a close, the life of the first family head finally comes to an end on the land. Furthermore, each of the heads who come afterwards are men of passion, unable to bring themselves to give up on the study halfway.

※4 Survival threatened

At the end of the 19th century, a failed investment business lands the family in dire financial straits, leaving their survival in doubt. However, they are able to avoid this fate by securing a marriage into the Rockwell conglomerate.

※5 Death of mother, Elizabeth

Elizabeth dies when Albert is still young. This leaves Albert starved of a mother's love.

※6 History of ruins excavation

Investigation of the ruins is continued by R&C Archaeological Research Institute, established in conjunction with the Rockwell conglomerate. However, funding issues force excavation operations to be scaled down.

※7 Sudden changes in Albert

Formerly a sincere and devoted young man, Albert's personality changes completely after becoming acquainted with a certain person. These changes are a consequence of his overly kind nature.

※8 Tragic airship accident

In 1927, an airship accident occurs over Harold Bay, resulting in the deaths of almost all of its passengers. According to a tragic proclamation in a newspaper article published during the search for the craft, "Hopes of survival for the three who remain missing appear to be slim."