Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night 2 Perfect Guide, page 154-159

Echo Night 2: Illustrations & Drawings

Here, we will introduce the concept art drawn to bring the world of Echo Night 2 to life. From looking at these drawings, you will be able to see the amount of detail poured into characters and scenery you couldn't see by just playing the game. The drawings are also accompanied by comments from Mr. Ogawa, lead character designer.

Original images Production
Keiichiro Ogawa Ken Sugawara
CS Development Department 3 Production department
Born 2 February 1977 Born 5 July 1977
Birthplace: Yamagata Birthplace: Iwate
Joined the company in April 1998 as a 2D graphic designer. Was in charge of textures on Echo Night. For this game, he was in charge of creating the designs upon which the characters are based, and, like on the last game, textures. Joined the company in June 1998 as a designer. Was lead designer for enemy characters, items etc. on Spriggan Lunar Verse. For this game, he is in charge of character illustration production.


Albert Clancy

I worked hard to have Albert give off a crazed air whilst maintaining the appearance and composure of the lord of a manor. It's easy for his character to turn into a refined-looking one, but I also created an image for him by roughing up things like his hairstyle in order to give off a feeling of wildness. It actually took quite a lot of time.

Red-Haired Woman

The red-haired woman has a special image compared to the other characters, so I focused on making her look impactful. I wasn't sure about the colour of her hair, due to the time, but I decided it would probably be okay. I was mindful of making her appear prideful through her visuals as I drew her. She's pretty old, after all (laughs).

Jessica Clancy

She is the opposite counterpart to Christina, so although they are twins, I drew her to look like a slightly more mature woman. She often appears alongside the lord of the manor, so it was tough to achieve a balance between their appearances. I drew her to look like a sort of secluded princess in a high tower type.


The medium's design has changed slightly in terms of his outfit etc., but character-wise he's basically the same as he was in the first game. I took care to give him an air of mystery and intrigue from his expression and more. Since he is blind, I also decided to make his eyes grey. Thanks to his image in the last game, this was a comparatively easy character to do.

Christina Collins

As she is the protagonist's girlfriend, she is more lively-looking in comparison to Jessica. Christina was the only one who ended up taking me about four redos to get right, so she has a very different air from what her initial incarnation did. The thing that took the most work was distinguishing her from Jessica by things like changing her hairstyle and the colour of her clothes.

Kent Palmer

As a friend of the protagonist, I designed Kent to look like an average person. I used data from the time as a reference to make sure that his clothing wouldn't be out of place.

Rebecca Morgan

In terms of time period this was quite close to the last game, so I used quite a lot of data from last time as a reference for things like her outfit. I put a lot of effort into making slight adjustments, such as to the size of her face, in order to make her seem younger than Karen.

Bridget Majorelle

I drew her in the image of someone who is intellectual and has a harsh personality. In a way, the white coat and glasses already solidified her character, so she wasn't really that much trouble. I tried creating a bunch of different glasses for her, too, but none of them really fitted when I saw them as polygons, so I didn't change her glasses.

Irena Majorelle

She was supposed to be a girl who cared a lot about her big sister, so I made her seem more gentle than Bridget. At first her hair colour was the same as Bridget's, but it didn't really suit her so I changed it quickly. I think that made her seem more quiet than before.

Mark Bissell

This was one of the first characters I created, so I ended up spending a lot of time fine-tuning the balance between him and the other characters. The image I had in mind when making him was that of a serious young man.

Norma Bliss

Her image was that of an average woman from that time period. Neither her character nor her clothing could be particularly flashy, so she ended up fairly quiet-looking. You can hardly tell in the game (laughs).

George Gibbs

This one was quite different even by Echo standards, which made things tricky. At first he also had thick eyebrows, but through a process of many revisions he ended up like this. He's a bit like an enraged "naked general" [Kiyoshi Yamashita].

Franco Moss

I drew him in the image of a scholarly explorer unlike Brian and the others. He was plumper at first, but in his background he was supposed to be worn down, so I made him much more pale.

Stanley Osborne

This is the most honest-looking character in Echo. I think I managed to bring out that feeling by making him appear overall chic. His model was easy to make.

Karen Clancy & Dino

Karen herself appears as a ghost first, so her physical form pretty much got added on afterwards. This meant that I spent a lot of time struggling with what to do with her human form's face, like the little girl's ghost in the first game. I think adding Dino increased the breadth of her character quite a lot.

Brian Knode

As the adventurer, I decided to bring an air of manliness to the forefront for him using a shabby sort of look. His image is mostly based on Indy Jones. But since he gets killed off in the intro, I made his expression a pitiful one.