Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night 2 Official Guidebook, page 90-92

Echo Night 2: Mysteries of Echo Night 2 Q&A

Here, we will clear up several of the mysteries that come up while playing the game or which linger after finishing the game in a Q&A format. This includes some important things that relate to the crux of the story, so we recommend not reading this until seeing the ending first.

Q: Why wasn't Brian attacked while he was looking at the distribution board?

A: It was most likely a coincidence.

Q: Why can't the shadows be seen when it's dark?

A: The reason why shadows only appear under lights could be assumed to come from their instinctual fear of evil spirits.

Q: Why does the front door to the manor end up locked?

A: George shut it so that those who ventured into the manor wouldn't be able to escape.

Q: What caused the airship's accident?

A: Faulty maintenance to the engine. The ship appears to have been constructed in haste, since its maiden voyage was being treated as a big event. All of the passengers died, their number totalling 28 (including the three members of the Morgan family).

Q: What happened to Mr. and Mrs. Morgan after the airship crashed?

A: After a search, the couple remained missing and were declared dead. In actuality, they really did die.

Q: What happened to Rebecca after the airship crashed?

A: Just like her parents, she remained missing and was treated as dead. In actual fact, she was rescued after washing ashore on the beach, but had lost her memory. She was later taken in by an orphanage, where she was given the name Christina, which leads us to the present day. Collins was the surname of the foster parents who took her in, but they are both already dead.

Q: What happened to Jessica after the airship crashed?

A: She lost both parents, but was raised by her wealthy grandparents. She married Albert at the age of 22.

Q: Who was Norma tutoring in music?

A: Primarily Karen, but she doesn't seem to have been a particularly enthusiastic student.

Q: What caused the death of Dino, Karen's dog?

A: Dino was killed by Albert. Dino attacked Albert, perhaps sensing something from him, but ended up being killed himself. By the way, it was Sarah who built Dino's grave.

Q: Why was George Gibbs spared?

A: In order for him to be used as a guard to protect Jessica from any intruders to the manor.

Q: What caused the death of Bridget and her sister's father?

A: He passed away 10 years ago due to injuries sustained in an accident whilst exploring the ruins. This resulted in research on the site being called off for a time, but his daughter Bridget carried on his work. His name, Herman Majorelle, appears in the document for decoding ancient script.

Q: What is the magic circle in the underground ruins?

A: Aside from apparently being a place in which an ancient people conducted some sort of magic ritual, it isn't clear.

Q: What was the bronze chalice that the Majorelles were looking for?

A: It was used in rituals by an ancient people, but the particulars are unknown. Herman himself learned of its existence from a record found within an ancient document (which doesn't appear within the game), and seems to have realised from it that it was an important item as part of their lifestyles.

Q: When, by whom, and for what purpose was the Tower of Grief constructed?

A: It was built, as you may suspect, by the ancient people. As is shared by many of the ancient ruins scattered across the globe, they similarly appeared to have a great interest in astronomy, and R&C Research Institute believed that it was a research facility built for that purpose. In actuality, it was built in order to protect and soothe the mummy enshrined underground.

Q: Who is the woman (mummy) inside the coffin beneath the Tower of Grief?

A: She was the elder twin sister of the red-haired woman. The red-haired woman attained eternal life through the death of her sister.

Q: Why didn't Albert kill Richard underneath the Tower of Grief?

A: He isn't truly evil by nature, and so seems to have been hesitant about killing the protagonist who is attempting to accomplish the same goal (saving his significant other) as he is. His intention appears to have been to imprison him in order to stop him from getting in the way.

Q: Why did Albert know Richard's name?

A: He likely heard it from Christina.

Q: For what purpose does the Tower of Grief's dungeon exist?

A: The place was originally built by the ancient people, and was a place where grave goods of the mummified woman were enshrined. It was an ancestor of House Clancy who had it remodelled into a dungeon, and was apparently used primarily for the imprisonment of looters who came to the ruins seeking treasure.

Q: What is the manor's basement for?

A: It was originally intended for use as an underground storehouse, but as digging progressed they struck an underground stream, and it was determined that a location alongside the water was unfit for storage purposes. Nowadays it simply remains as a mere basement.

Q: Why is something like that set up in the hallway outside the office?

A: The East Hall has gone with barely any modifications for a long time, and remains in the state it was in at the time of its initial construction. Perhaps the original lord of the manor reproduced part of the contrivances of the ruins there as part of his research.

Q: Why is there a hidden room inside the Mask Room?

A: It was created for the exhibition of masks in poor condition that had to be stored with care, but it is no longer in use.

Q: What comes before chapter six of Research on Prehistoric Civilisations of North America?

A: Volume one (the one in the library) contains chapters one through five, and volume two (the one in the dungeon) contains chapters six through eleven.

Q: Why is Richard saved when Albert attacks him in the Lion Room?

A: This is because the moon turns red immediately afterwards, and Albert, afraid that it will vanish, leaves the protagonist behind to hurry over to the Great Clock Tower.

Q: Why is the Eye of Awakening left behind in the Lion Room?

A: Albert left it there, forgotten in his hurry to perform the ritual before the red moon vanished.

Q: What is the illness Jessica suffers from?

A: Its name is unknown, but it's a congenital disease which you can think of as similar to a virus. Simply being infected with it has no effect on her daily life, but if she suffers an attack she will surely die.

Q: What was the coffin within which Jessica slept?

A: This is a bit sci-fi-ish, but meant to be like a sort of hibernation device. It was invented by the ancient world in order to preserve mummies as they had appeared in life for a long period of time.

Q: What was the Octagram Chamber for?

A: It was originally like a sort of small hall, but was converted into a suitable place to keep Jessica's coffin.

Q: What are the astral pieces left behind by the shadows?

A: They are a type of energy born from the continued entrapment of spiritual entities within the world of the living. Their name comes from astral bodies, one type of spiritual element from which the human body is composed.

Q: Where is Albert's mother?

A: Her physical health gradually began to weaken after Albert's birth, and she passed away when he was seven.

Q: Why did Karen, Patty and Bridget turn into malevolent spirits?

A: Those who are killed against their will by the soul stone turn into evil spirits, and those killed by these spirits turn into shadows.

Q: What is the weapon Bridget carries?

A: It's the form of a sword that was discovered in the ruins. It's only in spiritual form, though, and her own mental image of attacking causes it to take that shape.

Q: What is the bell that Patty's spirit rings for?

A: It's the sound of the bell she rang when it was time to feed Dino.

Q: Why do the protagonist of this game and the first game share the same name?

A: They're different people, naturally. They were given the same name because they share the same concept.

Q: Are the red stone from the last game and the soul stone different things?

A: You could also say that they're the same.

Q: Is the person in possession of the soul stone under its control?

A: If they wish to be, then most likely.

Q: The blue stone doesn't appear in this game?

A: It doesn't.

Q: Is Richard's whole physical body thrust into the past?

A: It might not be quite correct to say that it's mental alone, but you can think that the protagonist exists within the past world in a sort of ghostly form.

Q: How can someone who has been made immortal by the soul stone die?

A: They can't.

Q: Is the red-haired woman actually alive?

A: Of course she is. She originally lived within the ancient ruins and has attained eternal life, meaning that she will never die. Her actual age is probably somewhere around 3000.

Q: For how long has the red-haired woman been at the manor?

A: Ever since the Clancy family first took up residence on the land.

Q: To what (whom) does "ruler of sleep" refer?

A: I originally wanted it to refer to the soul stone in the sense that it's something that controls death, but that would have been too direct, so I changed the nuance a little and turned "death" into "eternal sleep".

Q: Where is the soul stone at the end of the story?

A: In the good ending, it vanishes. In all other cases, I'll leave it up to your own imagination.