Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night 2 Official Guidebook, page 98-104

Echo Night 2 OGB: Character Profiles

Red-Haired Woman
Age: ?
A mysterious woman with red hair. As she has been granted eternal life by the power of the soul stone, it is uncertain just how long she has lived for. She displays interest in Richard's actions, and frequently interferes.
Annette Austin
Age: 0
An orphaned baby who has just been taken in by the manor. She cries day and night, causing grief to the maids whose job it is to care for her. She seems to be fond of music, and hearing beautiful tones will put her in a better mood.
Albert Clancy
Age: 32
The current head of the Clancy family. He repeatedly murders in seeking the power of the soul stone in order to save the life of his dying wife, Jessica. He possesses the kindness and ruthlessness to do whatever it takes for someone he loves.
Anthony Rogers
Age: 36
One of the guests invited to the Clancy house. He is a longtime friend of Leon, a resident of the manor, but still dislikes being made to take part in his poker games.
Irena Majorelle
Age: 23
A clerk at R&C Archaeological Institute, and younger sister of the chief, Bridget. She seems to plan on continuing to work overtime until all of the staff have gone home. She worries about her sister, who has gone to the tower and not returned.
Edgar Clancy
Age: 62
The previous head of the Clancy family, and Albert's father. As a strict person, he feels a heavy sense of responsibility for his son's crimes. He seems firm in his resolve to remain inside the manor until everyone else has left.
Elliot Clancy
Age: 10
Albert's stepbrother and Karen's younger brother. He adores his pet fish. Although he is glad that they will only eat if he is the one to feed them, he also worries a lot.
Kurt Densham
Age: 11
An orphaned boy taken in by the Clancy house. His favourite place is a locker in the gym, and he hides there when playing hide-and-seek. Not a night owl, he quickly falls asleep.
Karen Clancy
Age: 13
Albert's stepsister, and Elliot's older sister. On the night of a storm she is killed by the soul stone in Albert's possession, turning into a malicious spirit. She adores her pet dog Dino, and wears a necklace matching his collar.
Kathleen Clancy
Age: 24
A woman whose job at the manor is to entertain guests. Despite her dismay at being neglected by her husband Leon in favour of a poker game, she waits impatiently for him in the ballroom.
Carol Moore
Age: 8
An orphaned girl taken in by the Clancy house. She plays hide-and-seek with her friends. It seems to be her turn to be "it" this time, but she cries at being unable to find her friends.
Christina Collins
Age: 25
Richard's girlfriend, whose real name is Rebecca Morgan. She is the twin sister of Jessica Clancy, but lost her memory in an accident. She suddenly disappears from the library where she works and goes missing.
Ken McDonnell
Age: 28
A worker at R&C Archaeological Institute. He takes the initiative and accepts cleaning duty, having a meticulous personality and often ordering his personal items. He is interested in the clerk, Irena, and wants them to leave together.
Kent Palmer
Age: 25
A friend of Richard's since their university days. He coincidentally happens to work at the same university library as Christina, and decides to assist Richard in his frantic search for clues about her.
Sarah Clancy
Age: 42
The wife of the previous lord of the manor, and Albert's stepmother. She is saddened by the fact that her son doesn't see her as his mother. She seems to find it painful as a mother to watch her son repeatedly murder others in vain without being able to stop it.
Jessica Clancy
Age: 25
Albert's wife, and the twin sister of Christina (Rebecca). She has been sickly since she was young, and she does not have long left to live. Enclosed within a curiously-shaped coffin, she sleeps endlessly in the Octagram Room.
Jeff Watkins
Age: 9
An orphaned boy taken in by the Clancy house, and Daniel's younger brother. He is playing hide-and-seek, but hates to lose and doesn't want to be found before Kurt, whom he views as a rival.
George Gibbs
Age: 26
A servant at the manor who is in charge of the garden. Under the orders of Albert, he disposes of those who enter the manor. He is extremely afraid of the lights going off, and flies into a rage when his lamp is touched.
Joseph Hammond
Age: 57
A servant at the manor who is in charge of managing the wharf on the eastern shore. He is friendly with the head chef, Steven, and fishes as a hobby. He is trying to catch a big fish, but it seems like it will take a while longer yet.
John Fisher
Age: 45
An employee at R&C Archaeological Institute. He feels responsible for not being able to save his colleague, Franco, when he was buried alive in a cave-in. He continues silently digging an entrance into the underground, as if trying to atone for his sins.
Cynthia Hamilton
Age: 42
The wife of Marvin, the Clancy family's private physician. She is an elegant lady, and likes to wear wide-brimmed hats. She feels bad for her husband always being made to join in poker games, but says nothing.
Stanley Osborne
Age: 68
An elderly butler who is in charge of the manor's servants. Until taking up his position at the manor, he seems to have dreamt of becoming a musician. Remembering his youth, he wants to play the violin.
Steven Murdock
Age: 37
The head chef at the manor. He always aims to produce the highest quality cooking, and is a true chef who will go to any lengths to do so. He searches the kitchen for pepper in order to create the food requested by the family head.
Daniel Watkins
Age: 10
An orphaned boy taken in by the Clancy house. He is very attached to Helen, who is raising him. The servants praise him highly, saying hat he is the most dependable of the orphans at the manor.
Norma Bliss
Age: 24
A music teacher who makes frequent visits to the manor. She is a big fan of the composer Greenberg. She stands in front of the piano with her favourite sheet music, given to her by her boyfriend, but part of it has been erased and is unable to be played.
Patti Thompson
Age: 27
A maid who worked at the manor. She was murdered by the soul stone in Albert's possession, turning into a ghost. She treasured an earring left behind by her mother, who passed away when she was young, more than anything.
Billy Matthews
Age: 42
A servant of the Clancy family. He is afraid of malicious spirits, and resolutely refuses to open the door until morning comes. His personality is more of a cautious than a cowardly one, and he worries about the people of the manor more than himself.
Brian Knode
Age: 33
An adventurer who saved Richard when he had an accident in the forest. He is a brisk-acting and reliable man, but is killed by the ghost of a girl that appears at the manor. In death, his spirit seems to fear malicious spirits.
Franco Moss
Age: 48
An employee at R&C Archaeological Institute. He is a workaholic who forgets himself upon becoming absorbed in his research. His passion backfires when he escapes too late and is caught in a cave-in. He dies without ever learning what the treasure before him is.
Bridget Majorelle
Age: 31
The chief at R&C Archaeological Institute. She pursues her research in order to carry on her late father's wishes, but falls into the clutches of Albert before she is able to realise her dreams. Even after turning into a malicious spirit, she continues searching for the chalice sought by her father.
Helena Morgan
Age: 30
Christina (Rebecca) and Jessica's mother. She is a worrier who is always concerned about her daughters. She is involved in an aircraft crash while on a family trip, regretfully perishing and leaving her beloved daughters behind.
Helen Clancy
Age: 83
Albert's grandmother. Learning that her beloved grandson is repeatedly murdering people,she decides to grow the crocus flowers he liked as a child, perhaps hoping that he will see them and regain his pure heart of old.
Polly Hanks
Age: 46
The Clancy house's head maid. As well as serving an important role by being in charge o all of the maids working at the manor, she is also in charge of caring for Helen. A hard worker, she will not rest until she has finished all of her duties.
Margaret Rogers
Age: 38
The wife of Anthony, a guest invited to the Clancy house. She loves to gossip, and will do so endlessly whenever she has someone to talk to. The ballroom seems to be the perfect place for her.
Mark Bissell
Age: 26
A bartender and employee of the manor. He worries about the whereabouts of the sheet music he gave to his girlfriend Norma as a present. He has a curt and stubborn side, but seems to mellow out when he hears Norma play the piano.
Marvin Hamilton
Age: 48
The Clancy family's private physician. He regularly visits the ill Jessica for check-ups. Deep down, he is fed up with being made to take part in poker games by Leon each time he visits the manor.
Michael Stewart
Age: 35
An employee at R&C Archaeological Institute. He is a man passionate about his research, working tirelessly locked away inside the projector room. He waits for the chief to return, wanting her to look through his report.
Maurice Brown
Age: 36
An employee of the Clancy family, and Helen's personal artist. He stands out for his stubborn, artist-like behaviour. He desperately tries to finish a painting promised to Helen, but is flustered by his inability to paint the flames properly.
Larry Travis
Age: 15
A boy training to be a servant at the Clancy house. Life at the manor is tough, and he misses life in his hometown. He is friendly with Patti, one of the maids, and she seems to give him advice often.
Age: ??
A suspicious man completely shrouded in mystery. There is no one in existence who knows who he is. He gives off an aura that overpowers all who draw close, seeming to see straight through someone despite being blind.
Leon Clancy
Age: 22
A child from the previous marriage of Sarah, lady of the manor. He has no direct blood relation to Albert. He adores poker, but is extremely bad at it and causes trouble to those around him by refusing to give up until he wins.
Rebecca Morgan
Age: 3
A young Christina. She is good friends with her twin sister, Jessica, and they often lend each other their dolls. She loses her memories of her life as Rebecca Morgan after being involved in an aircraft crash.
Laura Swanson
Age: 10
An orphaned girl taken in by the Clancy house. She is playing hide-and-seek with her friends. Her personality is bright and lively, and her overly energetic behaviour gives people a rather wild impression of her.
Robert Morgan
Age: 33
Christina (Rebecca) and Jessica's father. Surrounded by three girls, his role is to cheer everyone on. He dies alongside his wife after being involved in an aircraft crash while on a family trip.