Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night Official Guidebook, page 72

Echo Night: Ratings

About Action Evaluation

The action evaluation displayed on the status screen calculates the intelligence index and physical index for the player based upon the actions they have taken thus far, and assigns one of six ranks based on their total score.

Furthermore, your action evaluation (result) displayed upon completing the game also includes your completion level, with your final score being decided by the sum of these three items.

Method of calculation for each item (all out of 200)

Intelligence index: Your base score is initially assigned based upon time elapsed and the number of cleared events. On top of this, failed actions such as misused items and playing the organ incorrectly are taken into account and subtracted, leaving you with your final intelligence index. For reference, your base score for time elapsed is 200 for clearing the game in two hours and 0 for clearing the game in about 30 hours.

Physical index: The base score here is 200. Taking damage from spirits or green stains or being possessed results in subtractions, and from this your final score is calculated.

Completion index: Base score increases upon viewing the many events that aren't directly tied to beating the game. Points are awarded for total number of casino medals, seeing the meteor shower, operating the jukebox, the type of ending, and the number of points where lights are turned on.

According to the cumulative score of these three items, your level is assigned as follows.

Esper: 550-600 pts.
Genius: 480-549 pts.
Superior: 390-479 pts.
Average: 220-389 pts.
Novice: 160-219 pts.
Donkey: 0-159 pts.

About the Meteor Shower

If you visit the deck terrace on a clear night between 9PM and 3AM, you have a 1/64 chance of spotting this. If no meteor shower appears, try coming and going between the deck terrace and the pool over and over.

The Jukebox

If you visit the jukebox in the casino after handing 26 astral pieces to the medium at the observatory, it is now working. You can use it to perform a sound test, allowing you to listen to the sounds used within the game.