Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night Official Guidebook, page 70-71

Echo Night: Mysteries of Echo Night Q&A

Here, we will shine the spotlight on several interesting points in Echo Night that aren't explained by playing the game alone, such as the meaning of the sun relief and the origin of the Orpheus' name, in a Q&A format.

Q: What is the origin of the Orpheus' name?

A: Just like, for example, the Titanic took its name from the mythical giant Titan, the Orpheus takes its name from the person in a Greek myth who passed through the underworld in order to save the soul of his lover. The reason why this was used as the name of the ship where the game is set is because it matched well with the theme of Echo Night (where the protagonist saves many souls).

Q: Were all of the shadows who appear killed by William?

A: There are people who were killed with the knife, and people who were killed by evil spirits born from that. People like the sailor in the chart room and the patrolman were killed by spirits. Arthur, Hilda and so on were killed using the knife.

Q: Was the Orpheus sailing constantly for 24 years?

A: If we're talking in terms of sailing all that time, then no. I think of the Orpheus itself as being within another dimension that deviates a little from reality. I think you might be able to figure that out from the fact that everything you obtained while on the boat has vanished in the ending, too.

Q: Why was Billy attacked by an evil spirit at the wharf?

A: The red stone created evil spirits after taking in too much power, and at that point this power had already begun to awaken. The sun rose at the wharf right after that and Billy narrowly managed to escape death, but he was killed after later encountering another spirit aboard the ship.

Q: Does time flow differently on the boat compared to real world time?

A: Yes. I described it as another dimension earlier, but I think of it as something that exists beyond the boundaries of the axis of time. This is why the boat hasn't aged at all, too.

Q: What was the comet book doing lying around in the captain's cabin?

A: When evil spirits began to appear on the boat, the captain realised that something was wrong and made his way down to the first level. He ran into the library to escape from a spirit, and there he found the comet book. He fled back to his room with the book, guided by a voice from within, but couldn't understand what drove him to do such a thing. No longer hearing the voice from inside the book, he grew fearful of it and shut it away inside a drawer.

Q: What happened to the bodies of those who were killed on the ship?

A: The spirits aboard the ship use human life force as energy (like the red stone). Since their bodies have been absorbed as a source of this energy, they no longer remain.

Q: Where is the observatory?

A: It's unclear whether such a place even truly exists to begin with.

Q: Who is the medium?

A: That's top secret information which I can't reveal. This might be cleared up in 2 (if it gets made, that is).

Q: How did Henry and Richard reach the Orpheus?

A: William, desperately trying to restrain the red stone after it had accrued too much power, realised that his death was drawing near and wished for the destruction of the stone. The red stone itself knew that its holder was close to death and sought a new one. They both desired the same thing, and this power guided the two to the ship.

Q: Who is it who hits you from behind in the special guest room?

A: Henry, who gradually descends into a state of mental confusion due to the red stone's power.

Q: What is the meaning behind the numerous sun plaques you find around the ship?

A: This is never touched upon during the game, but this is what it's supposed to be.

"In order to understand the power of the red stone he has obtained, William devotes himself to mysticism. During this process he meets a man who will have a great influence upon him. This man has both knowledge regarding the two stones and a variety of other strange powers besides. The two spend more and more time talking with each other, but one day the man suddenly vanishes. Even with the power of the Rockwell family he is unable to be located. All that remains are the two things he gave to William: a plate in the shape of a sun, and a crystal. Ever since then, William has used this sun as a protective symbol for his house. The man's name is not recorded, only testimony that he was blind."

Q: Is there some sort of significance to the creepy paintings hanging in the cafeteria?

A: Nothing too significant in particular, but an occultism fad was part of the historical background of that time (the 1910s), which is reflected in them. Perhaps Hilda or someone around her was obsessed with it.

Q: Who turned on the lights in the passage when you leave the captain's cabin?

A: Henry did.

Q: Why is the father's house burned?

A: Henry set fire to it.

Q: What has happened to Henry's arm when he appears on the boat?

A: He lost it due to an injury sustained after jumping from the train to escape William.

Q: What was inside the glass case in the library's hidden room?

A: William's crystal.

Q: What appears over Henry's head after being taken in by the stone?

A: It is an embodiment of the power of the red stone, taking the form of William, its previous holder.

Q: What happens to the Orpheus at the end?

A: The boat itself is treated as a sort of ghostly entity. I think this means that it simply disappeared.

Q: What is the difference between shadows who open doors and shadows who pass through them?

A: It depends on whether or not they are aware of their own death.

Q: Why was Allen able to kill King Andrew, the one who had the red stone?

A: It's easier to understand if you picture the red stone as a parasite. Andrew became king due to the power of the red stone, but afterwards he wanted to preserve himself and began to fear it. Plus, since he was old, the red stone had already abandoned him.

Q: What was Sistina's illness?

A: Tuberculosis.