Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night Perfect Guide, page 6-7

Echo Night PG: Character Profiles


Richard Osmond
The protagonist of the story. He is a young man living in an American city, and though his mother is dead, his father is in good health living in his hometown. Beginning with a mysterious letter sent to him by his father, however, he becomes wrapped upin the incidents surrounding the Rockwell group and their luxury liner, the Orpheus, as well as his father's past.
Henry Osmond
Richard's father. He is a painter. He lives quietly like a hermit at his residence on a hill on the outskirts of Anchor City, a port city in eastern America, before vanishing suddenly one day. He has never spoken much about his past and especially his ties to the Rockwell group even to his son, Richard.
William Rockwell
The founder of the Rockwell group. Seizing the opportunities presented to him after discovering gold deposits in his youth, he repeatedly found success in every field he tried his hand at and amassing a great fortune all by himself, but this success was shrouded in many mysteries. His personality is a ruthless one, and he is said to be feared by those around him. He is the owner of the Orpheus, and vanishes from the public eye along with it.
Crea Rockwell
William's granddaughter. She seems to have been the most critical of William in the Rockwell family, but has been missing since a while before the disappearance of the Orpheus, and her exact profile is unknown. Her parents passed away in an airship accident. She has a younger brother named Oscar, but as he was aboard the Orpheus, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Crew & Guests

Martin Backstaff
An engineer on the Orpheus. He is the type who performs his duties carefully, but is also quite a fussy type.
Billy Bollard
A sailor on the Orpheus. He was apparently terribly afraid of something he witnessed right before departure.
Greg Capstan
The captain of the Orpheus. He has bountiful sailing experience, and is a man who feels a strong sense of duty.
Elizabeth Crownest
The woman in charge of the blackjack table in the casino. She has confidence in her skills, and is prideful.
John Cutter
One of the sailors. He leaves behind his sick girlfriend and boards the Orpheus, something he seems to later regret.
Robert Danforth
One of the sailors on the Orpheus. He is a persevering person, never giving up even in the face of trouble.
Robb Derick
Crea's maternal uncle. He aspires to be an artist, making him the maverick of the Rockwell family. He is good friends with Ed, a painter.
Scott Garboard
A young man who works as the projectionist at the theatre. He is kind, and likes interacting with children.
Charlie Girder
A trainee sailor. He wants to become a radio operator, and studies things relating to transmission in his spare time.
Thomas Gusset
An excellent doctor who serves as William's personal physician. He travels aboard the Orpheus as the ship's doctor at William's request.
Ed Mooring
An artist who made frequent visits to the Rockwell house. He corresponded often with Robb, an aspiring artist himself.
Fred Moulding
One of the guests. He is an outgoing boy brimming with curiosity. He loves his mother's singing.
Karen Moulding
A singer hired for the Orpheus' maiden voyage. Fred's mother. She loves her son, and often sings to him.
Pauly Awning
The manager of the Orpheus' casino. He likes playing matches, and looks forward to defeating a skilled gambler more than anything.
Diana Parcelling
Jack Rockwell's daughter, but she goes by her divorced mother's maiden name. She boarded the ship alongside her twin sister, Fiana.
Fiana Parcelling
Diana's twin sister. The two sisters are of the same age as Crea, and have been friends since childhood.
Arthur Rockwell
William's son. He recognised his father's achievements, but was apparently critical of his high-handed methods.
Emilia Rockwell
William's daughter. She loves her father, but keeps her distance from the foundation's operations.
Hilda Rockwell
Arthur's wife. Like her husband, she seems to have harboured doubts about William's methods.
Jack Rockwell
William's son. He is obedient to his father, strongly wishing to bring prosperity to the Rockwell family, and frequently leads the way of operations.
Oscar Rockwell
Crea's brother. He is a thoughtful and introverted boy. He likes to read, and always carries a book with him.
Tom Rudder
The roulette dealer. He is the type of man who conceals his emotions, carrying out his duties silenty like a machine.
Peter Schooner
The Rockwell family's butler, who who managed thw whole family's schedules. He is stubborn, and faithful to William.
Emillie Scuttle
The Rockwell family's maid. She has apparently been permanently afraid after the disappearance of a colleague.
Mike Transom
A leader figure amongst the sailors. He gives loud words of encouragement to the other sailors whenever trouble arises.
Ernest Ullage
The Orpheus' navigator. He is gentle and caring towards his subordinates, and was also friendly with the people of the Rockwell family.