Originally posted on 14 August 2018
Source: Echo Night Official Guidebook, page 80-86

Echo Night: Character List (OGB)

Arthur Rockwell
William's eldest son. Fearing the power of the red stone, he plots to kill his father alongside his wife, Hilda, but ends up being killed himself. He longs to find someone who can destroy the red stone, seeing a ray of hope in Richard.
Ernest Ullage
The Orpheus' first mate, who is in charge of supervising several sailors. He feels a strong sense of responsibility, and even after his death he lingers on the ship, worried about the four subordinates he left on the lower level.
Allen Rockwell
Ancestor of the Rockwell family. He was entrusted with the destruction of the red stone by the alchemist who created the blue stone, but fled with it after gaining possession of the stone. He later became a wealthy merchant, leading the Rockwell family to prosperity.
Andrew Galleywood
After killing the alchemist who created the red stone, he used its power to become king. The stone and his life are both taken by Allen, and he turns into a malicious spirit. Caring for his daughter, he always kept a cameo of her face on his person.
William Rockwell
The holder of the red stone knife. Enthralled by the red stone, he has spilled much blood. He indiscriminately killed all of the passengers aboard the Orpheus, including blood relatives and crew alike, where he continues to live on all by himself.
Ed Mooring
An invitee to the Orpheus. He witnesses the birth of an evil spirit aboard the ship, which drives him mad. He is confined within a hidden room by three other invitees, including his friend Robb, where he is killed by a spirit.
Emillie Scuttle
A maid of the Rockwell family who had vaguely caught on to William's crimes. Still unaware of her own death, she fears that she too will be killed for breaking the parrot doll.
Emilia Rockwell
Arthur's younger sister. She laments her helplessness at being unable to do anything despite knowing of her father's deeds. Perhaps as the least she can do to repent, she remains aboard the Orpheus until she can witness William's death.
Elizabeth Crownest
Head of blackjack at the casino. She has a noticeable tendency to look down on people. She will only play opponents whose skill she recognises, seeking to play matches with even better gamblers than herself.
Erina Tender
The daughter of Jimmy, a coal miner. Upon visiting the mine where her father worked, she was killed by William and buried beneath the disused mine. Her soul became trapped within the red stone, turning her into a malevolent spirit who wanders through the dark night.
Oscar Rockwell
William's grandson and Crea's younger brother. He is told about a person who holds the blue stone from his beloved sister, and continues to wait for them in her place. No matter his own situation, he is always worried about his sister.
Carter Batten
A staff member of the library in the past world. While the library is closed, he assists his colleague Howard with organising the books. He seems very highly strung, and will come over to scold you harshly if you attempt to touch any of the books lying around.
Carlos Recess
The custodian of the public cemetery. Under William's employ, he keeps watch over those who come near the cemetery. He is complicit to William's slaughter with actions such as setting up tricks to prevent sacrifices from escaping from the underground.
Karen Moulding
An invitee of the Orpheus. She is killed by William after becoming separated from her son, Fred. Since then, she has waited in the child's room, worrying about Fred and waiting for the day when she may see him again.
Crea Rockwell
William's granddaughter. Learning of the terrible power of the red stone in her grandfather's possession, she guards the blue stone fragment left in her care by Henry when she was a child. She is killed by a pursuer dispatched by William at the house at the ravine.
Greg Capstan
The captain of the Orpheus, and a man who has great respect for rules. Even after his death, he worries about the crew and passengers left aboard the ship and waits in earnest for someone to save their souls.
Sistina Ratline
John's fiancée. She suffers from a serious illness. She and John promised to meet up on the day of his departure, but they end up parting without ever getting to see each other after she loses her engagement ring.
Jimmy Tender
A worker at the mine. He searches for his daughter Erina, who went missing and left behind her beloved doll, continuing to dig at the abandoned mine after its closure. However, Erina has already been murdered by William.
Jack Rockwell
Arthur's younger brother. Even if it is for the family, he is fed up with himself for aiding his father to kill. He understands that he is dead, but is still unable to be at peace.
John Cutter
A member of the Orpheus' crew, and Sistina's fiancé. He waited for Sistina on the day before he was due to leave, but they missed each other and were never able to meet. He regrets leaving the sickly Sistina behind and getting on the ship.
Scott Garboard
A projectionist who worked at the theatre. He had promised to watch a film with Fred, and it was all he looked forward to. He still waits for Fred to come to the projector room where no one else should visit.
Charlie Girder
A former apprentice sailor on the Orpheus. Even after his death, he is greatly troubled by his inability to remember the circuits used for the wireless, desperately absorbing himself in reading through the documents in the cabin.
Diana Parcelling
An invitee of the Orpheus, and one of the people who helped Robb to confine Ed. She is a kind soul, not wanting to let anyone near her room where an evil spirit appears, afraid of exposing others to danger.
David Berthing
An assassin dispatched by William. He corners Crea at the house at the ravine, ordered to take the blue stone fragment from her. He is a cruel man who will achieve his goals using any means necessary.
Thomas Gusset
William's family doctor. He still regrets giving William a prescription for poison. He thinks it was the poison he created that killed Arthur and his wife, not knowing their true cause of death.
Tom Rudder
A dealer who manages the roulette table at the casino. He is polite, simply performing his duties in silence, but his indifferent appearance almost robotic. Like Elizabeth and Pauly, he awaits a formidable gambler.
A guardsman who keeps watch over the castle on the lake. He actually works not for King Andrew, but for Allen. Like his colleague, Pole, he obeys his orders faithfully, but is killed by Allen after he obtains the red stone.
Harry Gunwale
An assassin dispatched by William, and an associate of David's. He is ordered to take the blue stone Crea holds. He shoots Crea when she leaves the house, but is shot in return and falls to the bottom of the ravine alongside her.
Howard Boss
A staff member at the library in the past world. He organises the books with Carter while the library is closed. He will scold you if you touch the books, but won't interfere any further. He doesn't seem to be much of a fastidious type.
Peter Schooner
Rockwell family butler who is in charge of taking care of the passengers. He is deeply afraid of William, even now continuing to faithfully carry out his orders, and refuses to let anyone not dressed in the proper attire to enter the dining hall.
Billy Bollard
A sailor hired for the voyage. He is attacked by a malicious spirit at the wharf at dawn, and has been extremely afraid of them ever since. He is constantly in fear of being attacked.
Hilda Rockwell
The wife of Arthur, William's eldest son. Realising the terrible ambitions of William, the holder of the red stone, she conspires with her husband to kill him. However, she ends up being killed using the red stone knife.
Fiana Parcelling
The elder twin sister of Diana, who was invited to the Orpheus as an invited guest. She is also one of the people responsible for confining Ed. As she understands everything about Diana, who occupies the room opposite, she is always worrying about her.
Frank Keelson
A crewmember of the steam locomotive that William and Henry travel on. He warns people who walk around inside the train to take their seats. Taken unawares by Henry, who plots to kill William, the train car key is stolen from him.
Fred Moulding
Karen's son. After becoming separated from his mother, he witnesses Arthur and his wife being killed. He puts the film he promised to watch with projectionist Scott inside his treasure box for safekeeping.
Bell Loran
A woman who serves as the receptionist at the library in the past world. She is a stickler for the rules, and will not let anyone in on a day when the library is closed. Perhaps due to being so absorbed in her work, she doesn't pay much attention to her surroundings.
Henry Osmond
Richard's father. His parents were both killed by William, and he attempts to avenge them, but this ends in failure. Despite hating the red stone he is secretly drawn in by it, for which he cannot forgive himself.
Pauly Awning
The manager of the Orpheus' casino. He looks down on others, but will also explain a variety of things to casino newbies. Alongside Elizabeth and Tom, he looks forward to the day when a formidable gambler appears.
A palace guard who protects the lake castle, he supports Allen despite knowing the truth behind King Andrew's murder. Like his colleague Paddle he follows orders faithfully, but is killed by Allen after he gets his hands on the red stone.
Martin Backstaff
An engineer on the Orpheus who is killed by a malicious spirit. Believing that the transmission noises coming from the wireless room next door to the engineers' room is because a spirit is nearby, he remains afraid.
Marvin Foremast
A police officer in Anchor City. He informs Richard of the fire at Henry's house and shows him there. He seems to have been suspicious of Henry for a while, and is not particularly fond of him.
Mike Transom
A sailor on the Orpheus. He is killed by a malicious spirit whilst patrolling the passage outside of the crew room. He continues to patrol the passage, where the lights have malfunctioned, waiting for his relief to take over.
Lisa Cofferdam
A maid who worked at the Rockwell house, and a colleague of Emillie's. Lured by William, she is killed in the graveyard. Her soul is trapped by the red stone, turning her into a malicious spirit. Right until the very end, she refused to be parted from a pendant containing a photograph of herself and her boyfriend.
A blind man shrouded in mystery. He is able to observe the world through the comet book. His gathering astral pieces to some end, and will exchange them for holy water.
Robert Danforth
A sailor on the Orpheus. He tries to fix the door at the end of the power room passage in order to help the others escape from the ghosts, but is troubled by his inability to open the locker containing the code needed to get inside the passage.
Robb Derick
Ed's friend, and an invitee of the Orpheus. His guilt at confining the deranged Ed despite being his friend fills him with guilt, which he drowns in alcohol. He very much wants to drink something made by Ed.