Originally posted on 6 October 2012
Source: Shinku no Chou guidebook, page 22-25

Deep Crimson Butterfly: Minakami Village CG Collection


Director's Comment

Misono is an elevated area overlooking Minakami Village, but directly below the flat stone is the hole to the Hellish Abyss, so their locations match up. Also, the broken Torii on the vanished path Mio arrives on is there to make it easier to spot.

Minakami Bridge

Director's Comment

If you peer down from the bridge, a river flows far below. The water from Tomonari-Ike flows through the river beside the Tachibana house. The height of the water comes from a nearby waterfall.

Osaka House - Courtyard

Director's Comment

I was glad that we made it possible to go into the courtyard, which you couldn't access in Akai Chou. If you peep under the decking in the garden, you can see the Big Tatami Room.


Director's Comment

In the first dream I had, I walked past the front of this storehouse and saw an area where villagers were gathered in a crowd around a small house. This is why in Chapter 2 the villagers come in a procession from there.

The place where Itsuki, who helps you many times, is imprisoned. You visit him several times to get advice from him.

Tomonari-Ike & Whisper Bridge

Director's Comment

In this game, we added a floating island on the surface of the water to the right when heading for the Kurosawa house. I assumed we would put this in from the very beginning, but because of the graphics we couldn't put it in. There's also a ghost appearance on the island, so take a look with the Camera Obscura.

Kurosawa House - Family Head's Room

Director's Comment

This is supposed to be the place where the family head observed guests. His ghost is there, too, so I wanted to put in an event in which he peers down at the entrance from above to make you feel that way.

Osaka House - Fireplace Room

Director's Comment

This house was modelled on the house of a relative, but a window has been added in the side of the entrance since Akai Chou, and the cloth that connects it to the hallway made longer, adding things I've since remembered to make it more complete.

Osaka House - Big Tatami Room

Director's Comment

Kikuchi has been asking me for many years what's inside this futon, but when we made it so that you can reluctantly pull it back it was a let-down, so we returned it back to not being able to do it. Even if you saw something scary it was too early for something like that, since in your head nothing could frighten you more.

Kurosawa House - Entrance

Director's Comment

I wanted the shadow of the branches projected on the circular window in the entrance to move since the original, but couldn't. In this one they move in the breeze, but it's so faint that you may not notice it.

Kurosawa House - Family Altar

Director's Comment

In Akai Chou there are boards inside the shelves upon which the lanterns are lined up, which you couldn't see from the front, but in this one we took them out, so you can see the room's difficult construction even with this viewpoint.

Kurosawa House - Doll Stand Room

Director's Comment

In Akai Chou's initial draft, there were two rows of doll stands, but it made for quite interesting scenery when there was a set of hina dolls next to each other, so we changed it to that. There was supposed to be a space next to it you could get into from behind the stand, where Yae and Sae played their secret game, but it was quite hard to understand so we put the sliding paper screen back there.

A room with a special two-hina doll stand. It is used in the final scene of the Frozen Butterfly ending.

Kurosawa House - Great Hall

Director's Comment

Though in Akai Chou you couldn't see the inside of the Great Hall when you came through the door from the dirt-floor hallway, it has been changed so that you can see a little of the Great Hall's interior from the door. Many are of the opinion that due to Shinku no Chou's viewpoint, because there is suddenly a folding screen, you don't know which way you should go.

The Great Hall was also used for the overseas version's packaging. You can see Sae laughing amidst a mountain of countless corpses in Chapter 3.

This is a place where it is easy to get the impression of being attacked by the Kusabi and fleeing into the storeroom when Masumi Makimura's ghost appears.

Kiryu House - Raised Floor Tatami Room

Director's Comment

This doll was referred to as the "doll that is sensitive to the cold", and we thought about having a ghost attack as the consequence for pulling back the cloth. However, thinking about actually putting in this cold person made me laugh, so it was cut.

Inside the house you can touch this enshrined mummy-like object. Enjoy seeing what happens when you touch it.

Kurosawa House - Confinement Room

Director's Comment

The confinement room in which Makabe was imprisoned was also Yae and Sae's secret talking place. When you visit here during the final chapter, you can see the two of them.

On the wall are characters written by Mayu: "Run away," and, "Are you leaving me again?"