Catherine: The Novel

Catherine: The Novel
Pages: 318
Published: 20 May 2011
ISBN: 978-4829146231
Author: Ryo Kawakami
Illustrations: Ikumi Katagiri

"Cheating men who spend their whole time playing around have nightmares and waste away to their deaths" ― Vincent, unable to give a definite answer about his relationship with his girlfriend Katherine, starts to have creepy dreams in which something is chasing him. Are they the dreams about which rumours are flying around town? Vincent meets Catherine, a beautiful woman with the same name as his girlfriend, and finds it difficult to shrug off her seductive charms, the two ending up spending the night together. To cheat, or to marry? The question plagues Vincent night and day. The game 'Catherine' finally appears in novel form!


The first novelisation for Atlus' Catherine, released soon after the game only in Japan. The book is a relatively faithful novelisation of the game's events, though some scenes are added, removed or heavily edited, and the timeline is played with a fair amount. The biggest difference is the inclusion of chapters told from the point of view of people besides Vincent - Orlando, Jonny and Steve - and their own personal nightmares and encounters with Catherine, as well as a book-exclusive ending.

Content warnings

There is fairly frequent mild to strong language, a couple of descriptions of a sexual nature (though nothing explicit), and some rather graphic violence in chapter 5. The book will also contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't played the game right from the prologue.

E-book version

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Chapter 1: Vincent I

Chapter 2: Orlando

Chapter 3: Vincent II

Chapter 4: Jonny

Chapter 5: Vincent III

Chapter 6: Steve

Chapter 7: Vincent IV