Originally posted on 2 September 2014
A Curse Affecting Only Girls: Prologue

It was the beginning of spring, the season with pale, radiant buds sprouting, the days warmed by their faint glow; the season when all is reborn. A young man stared intently at withered petals floating on the water's surface. He didn't know what flower they were from, but it was an omen - a sign of things to come. The leaves of the plane trees cast complex patterns onto the water.

The man was waiting. Something - more like a sixth sense than a premonition - called out to him, and once more, just like in the vision, she appeared from beneath the water. She reached out, as though beckoning him to her. He took her hand. Despite apparently having been underwater, her white chiffon dress was dry and rustled.

Despite not being as obvious as the man, someone else - a girl - stood by the water's edge, as though guided by some strange sixth sense. This girl, however, unlike the girl from the water, played no more than a supporting role. Still, she had first heard the voice of the girl from beneath the water, and seen the vision, and had thought that it meant that she was eligible to be "cursed".

Everyone wants to be chosen as being "special", and longs for that moment to come. She probably thought that time had come for her.

The girl in the white chiffon dress was beautiful, like a princess. She was not a being of this world, but nonetheless the man took her in his arms, put her into the coffin in the depths of the forest that he had created himself, shutting the small glass window and putting a single, special pearl on top. These actions were, of course, a metaphor, though he did really place down the pearl. This was enough to make the girl more than beautiful enough.

"I finally got to see you." The man smiled. "You belong only to me. I finally found you."

And that is how the story began again.

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