Originally posted on 15 September 2013
Source: Famitsu

Siren: Blood Curse: Archives 10~18

Good evening. This is Clockwork Toyoda. Thank you for visiting.

This blog aims to bring you the charms of Siren: Blood Curse. Today is part two of the archives, dealing with items 10 to 18.

Archive No.10 - Miner's Log

Toyama: For this we reused the cover of the archive item "Harbour Worker's Log" from Siren 2 (laughs). It was pretty tricky making the photo used on the description page, and then in the game it's displayed really small (laughs). Putting in their best efforts, however small the use - the Siren team is a true example.

Toyoda: I think it would have been fine without a photo, though (laughs).

Toyama: No, no, it needs one (laughs). It's written about the Uryen.

Archive No.11 - Bella Monroe's Diary

Toyama: There's a lot I could say about this (laughs). For starters, the picture was drawn by an American member of staff called Eric.

Toyoda: It's a really personalised picture. Did Eric draw the cover too?

Toyama: The original image, yes. He drew the basics, and it was cleaned up by the designer.

Toyoda: I heard that the gothic image of the cover was inspired by the girl who plays Bella...

Toyama: Yeah. Sato was listening to her chatting about things being "unfashionable" and rejecting cute things, in a grown-up way. When she heard this she thought, "This girl is awakening to goth-loli..." and let her imagination run away with her (laughs). By the way, that thing next to the cover is the shoulder bag Bella uses. This is supposed to be on Bella's study desk, but when you look at the size of it it doesn't look like anything would fit in there (laughs).

Toyoda: She's got a Hanuda Beetle in there and everything (laughs).

Toyama: A four-dimensional bag (laughs).

Archive No.12 - Patient's Letter

Toyama: This is... just what it looks like (laughs).

Toyoda: Is this patient like Takafumi Shimura, the cousin of Akira Shimura from Siren?

Toyama: I think so, but... you'd have to ask Sato about the specifics. I'll ask her later.

Archive No.13 - Melissa Gale's Locket

Toyama: We actually made the pendant and photographed it. The photo in the bottom right of the birthday party is meant to have been taken by Sam, illustrating them as a family. We set it up really carefully for the photo, but only used it for this (laughs).

Toyoda: That's a lot of dedication...

Toyama: The baby in the photo in the top left is the child of one of the development team staff. She is half-Japanese, so we used her. Oh - it's kind of hard to tell, but her eyes are a different colour.

Archive No.14 - Sol Jackson's Work ID

Toyoda: This is a really popular archive (laughs).

Toyama: At first we were going to have him carrying a picture of Melissa around with him, but Eric told us that it made him sound like a creepy stalker (laughs).

Toyoda: I see, so it became a proposal? It was written by...

Toyama: Sato. But we had no idea it would become such a topic of discussion.

Toyoda: I don't think it would have had it been shorter. But it's all written right there (laughs).

Toyama: I was in charge of a lot of the humorous archive items, but this one was done by Sato. Since I guess she deals with a lot of the more serious stuff, she was really enthusiastic (laughs).

Archive No.15 - Hanuda Village Guide

Toyama: This represents the more serious archives. We went to a certain shrine to take this photo.

Toyoda: I like the old feel of the cover.

Toyama: We used something we bought at an antiques market. Looking at it now, I think we did a pretty good job.

Archive No.16 - Amana's Diary

Toyoda: Is that Japanese paper on the cover?

Toyama: We prepared a few types of cloth and put them on. Now that I think of it, there's a scene where Amana is reading her diary in the church, but we originally intended to have her reading the Book of Deliverance so we did the motion capture for that, and the diary ends up looking strangely big (laughs).

Toyoda: So the cover is Japanese-style, and the inside is written in English. The first time I saw it I thought, "The sense of unbalance is nice..."

Toyama: That was one of our aims. Maybe it would be more natural for it to be written in Japanese, but we needed to mislead people about a foreigner like Amana being in a Japanese village. Like thinking of her as a missionary, for example.

Toyoda: By the way, does Amana speak Japanese?

Toyama: She does in the opening.

Toyoda: Huh!? I didn't notice that at all!

Toyama: You can fainly make out, "This is not what God desires..." (laughs).

Toyoda: Does she speak Japanese in any of the episodes?

Toyama: She has a few lines, like, "Oh, God..." and I know we recorded a few other things in Japanese, so she does say some things... I think.

Toyoda: I spent about ten hours playing Episode 2, but she didn't speak Japanese even once...

Archive No.17 - Seigo Saiga's Driver's License

Toyama: This is a straightforward archive, so there's nothing to really say about it.

Toyoda: Saiga is wearing a business suit in the photo...

Toyama: That's a bunch of clothing put together. Hm... You can also tell from this that his birthday is the 21st of June, and his address.

Archive No.18 - Hanyoodles

Toyoda: You've tried this out, haven't you? (laughs)

Toyama: We do this with every game in the series like some kind of custom (laughs). It tastes as you would imagine it does.

Toyoda: The strawberries are eye-catching, but is there anything else you paid particular attention to? There are all kinds of thing in there like naruto and fritters.

Toyama: We also made chopsticks with Karibna Diner written on them. We even rubbed down an actual paper cup with sandpaper to create the cup in the top right, to make it look old (laughs).

Toyoda: Putting in that much effort on something you can't even see! (laughs)

Good Evening from the Development Team

As mentioned in the discussion about the archive file, this is the shooting for Bella's birthday party photo. We dragged a bunch of things you might find in a kid's room into part of the meeting room, and had everyone sing happy birthday... (Toyama)