Originally posted on 10 January 2016

Ryu ga Gotoku: With You

Lyrics: Chihiro Aoki, Aimee Blackschleger, Asami Takeo
Composition/arrangement: Chihiro Aoki

With You

The World has changed its course
For those who trust with heart and soul
Glory like the sun fell down and made us whole

Our tears had fallen on land
From the sacrifice of war
Evergreen hope
The world has dreamed of long
Make it last forever
Through life

Lord, prayers I will raise
I am generous with praise
Heaven knows what's going on
Love comforts in spirit

Lord, I reflect your grace
Help me know where they feel pain
'Cause I'm sure we'll be with You

Every day reaching to the Lord
What He chooses for our lives
Even if we lose a precious one
Or a sword will shed our blood for love...