Daniella (age: early twenties)

A maid who works at the castle.
She has porcelain-like white, transparent skin. She is indifferent and uncaring, but has perfect, flawless facial features. She is beautiful like a work of art, but hardly seems alive.

She hardly speaks any more than absolutely necessary, and no emotion shows on her face. She generally obeys Lorenzo's orders, but will not go against Riccardo, either. Perhaps it is because she has no free will to speak of, or that in a manner of speaking she is being used by both of them.

She was kidnapped from somewhere by Lorenzo in order to take care of his home. From strong hints or perhaps drugs, she has lost all of her former memories, and feels nothing, including pain. She believes that she is a mechanical doll created by Lorenzo, but is actually a living thing, and it is her own self-suggestion that she is a puppet without Azoth.

In actuality, she was born infertile. She has a strong complex towards women, the gender who give birth, and has a love and hatred of Azoth, a symbol of life.

She longs for Fiona's Azoth, this longing soon turning to madness, and contrary to her master's expectations she begins attempting to steal Fiona's Azoth and become a "complete woman". However, since she lacks alchemical knowledge, she has no idea how to extract and transplant Azoth, blindly believing that if she simply destroys Fiona she can take her Azoth.


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