Originally posted on 1 December 2014
Source: Complete Guide, page 6

Fatal Frame V: Miu Hinasaki

Miu Hinasaki

Voice: Maaya Uchida

●Personal data
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 155cm
Notes: Despite having extremely strong spiritual power, she has low stamina. Her unique power, Slow-Motion Photography, allows her to temporarily slow the passing of time.

A girl searching for her missing mother. Going by rumours that a woman looking like her mother has been seen there, she heads to Mt. Hikami and is spirited away. She has had a strong sixth sense since she was young, and can see ghosts, of course, as well as the hearts of the people she touches, leading to those around her avoiding her, raised with a great sense of isolation. She is currently a young, prospect-filled actress, pursuing a career in the entertainment industry by appear in TV shows and doing gravure work.

Director's Comment

This game is about seeing the final emotions of the dead when you touch them, but we had the theme of touching a living person and then seeing the secrets or their emotional scars that they try to cover up. When people start touching on others' secrets, they create lies to try to hide them. Miu reads their minds and sees everything - their lies and muddy hearts - and doesn't trust people, unmoved by anything.

By reading people's minds she also senses all kinds of desires, but is unfazed by them. Whilst despising them from the bottom of her heart, she will do anything they say. Even when she knows she's being tricked and used, she will go along with it all. She hardly feels alive, and has no concern for herself.

Since she is empty she excels as an actress, slipping straight into any role like a channeller. Acting like other people - in other words, lying - is what she is best at, but it stirs up no feelings within her. What does evoke her emotions are her feelings towards the mother who left her behind. She has always wondered why she left her behind, and what she should have said to her when she went. Seeing Yuuri, maintaining a dangerous balance and almost going to the other side just like her mother, is the first thing that moves her.

The reason Miu and Yuuri are opposite each other on the package is because the story was meant to be about the workings of the hearts of the pair as they are in between life and death. However, because of my sympathy with Ren (or, should I say, Shiragiku and Rui) I think I used up all of the emotion and ruined the overall balance.