Originally posted on 17 March 2012
Last edited on 27 June 2015
Source: Fatal Frame 3 Guidebook, page 137

Fatal Frame III: Kaname's Letter 8


Ever since I began dreaming of the manor, a few things have been on my mind.

The first is that I hear a voice that seems to be yours calling to me constantly.

The second is that I now suddenly strongly feel voices of people missing the dead, and what it's like to want to see the dead.

Does everyone have these kinds of dreams? The same dream repeats itself over and over, almost rhythmically, and I see what comes after the previous night like the continuation of a defined story. Should I not be paying this any heed?

Perhaps these may just be memories and reminiscences hidden away somewhere inside me, but to me they now seem like real, clear memories, almost enough that I could hallucinate having seen them happen before my very eyes.

I suppose you will soon be shut in by the snow where you are. Take care of yourself.