Originally posted on 9 January 2012
Last edited on 27 June 2015
Source: Fatal Frame 3 Guidebook, page ?

Fatal Frame III: Kaname's Letter 7


I dreamt of that curious manor again last night.

Not a day goes by when I don't hear your voice, or see that woman who resembles you. Besides this I see a few young girls, or a woman wearing a strange costume - it varies from day to day.

The real you should still be in the village as always, but when I recall the dream I feel as though you have become the priestess from that strange tale.

Since coming here, along with wanting to know more about my own birth I have also come to want to know more about the customs and folklore of our hometown and the Tohoku region, which should also be at the root of it.

Among the legends I learned of I also found several sad, grief-filled stories, such as tattooed monks known as "tattoo pilgrims", a girl who has her emotions towards her late lover turned into a tattoo, which I had heard in bedtime stories as a child.

Now that I think about it, I seem to recall hearing that the priestess is a prominent and very special one, for some reason shouldering people's pain and suffering in their stead.

I don't know if such a priestess truly exists, and I can't even be sure if this story I think I heard was real or if I dreamt the whole thing up. But even if it were fiction, the tale of her taking on all of our pain and sadness makes me both grateful and sorrowful.

The dream you sometimes seems so sad.

I trust that you are still showing that beautiful smile of yours as you wait for my return in the village with your parents.

From your family, Kaname