Originally posted on 10 January 2012
Last edited on 25 June 2015
Source: Fatal Frame 3 Guidebook, page ?

Fatal Frame III: Kaname's Letter 5

To my dearly missed Miss Reika,

The dream I have each night seems to lead me deeper in bit by bit.

As I wandered through the dream manor, I encountered yet another strange sight. In a luxurious room with a splendid bamboo blind there was a room, half below ground to keep it hidden from sight, and from its high ceiling was suspended a narrow cage that contrasted terribly with the room above. Inside the cage was a beautiful woman, her skin as pale as wax, sleeping soundly.

I automatically connected the sleeping woman, clothed in a blue costume and unstirring, with the Sleeping Priestess of whom I had only heard in tales.

I have heard that the Sleeping Priestess is a special priestess whom one can only meet when someone close to them passes. This means, of course, that I have never made her acquaintance myself, and have no idea what she looks like.

But still, for some reason I don't understand, the woman dressed as a priestess from my dream seems to me as though she is the very priestess from the story. These days I see her every single time I go to sleep, so it makes me wonder if this is some kind of queer fate.

Furthermore, though the woman is too far away for me to tell for sure, she does somewhat resemble you, and I feel as if I hear your voice endlessly no matter where I wander in my dream.

This tale has become quite rambling. I apologise for writing about nothing but my own feelings. Next time, I'll probably be able to give you a more fruitful report of my own investigations.

Until next time.

Kaname Ototsuki