Originally posted on 3 January 2012
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Source: Fatal Frame 3 Guidebook, page ?

Fatal Frame III: Kaname's Letter 4


I remembered this when I was writing to you the other day - the house I see in my dreams seems to look quite a lot like the Kuze manor that was near our village.

At the very least, the large sacred trees in the middle of the dream manor and the hallway hung with many bells seem to match up with the stories I've heard from the adults.

But why do I keep having the exact same dream, down to the smallest detail, every single night? Perhaps it's tied somehow to my memories from when I was a baby.

I left the village as though possessed, thinking that maybe I might be able to learn something here, but to be honest I feel as though I have come to a dead end. Maybe this will lead to some clue, however trivial, as to my childhood.

What I cannot imagine is how this might all be connected to why I hear your voice calling me from the Kuze Shrine. This place I remember nothing of myself seems more and more mysterious to me.

Your voice in my dream last night sounded especially sad. It worries me that you're suffering somehow over there. Find some time to let me know what is going on, if you would.



Since I've been writing to you all the time, I've completely neglected to contact my parents back in the village. I shall write them a few lines later. I hope you treasure your parents, too.