Originally posted on 5 September 2011
Last edited on 29 June 2015
Source: Fatal Frame 3 Guidebook, page ?

Fatal Frame III: Kaname's Letter 13

To my dearest Reika,

I am currently writing this letter with the earring left to me by my mother in my hand.

After that daydream I had at the doctor's laboratory earlier, I couldn't settle down.

I reached out my hand to the priestess trapped in her prison. I touched her, for certain. Dangling from her ear was the same earring as I have - the pair I split between us when I left the village, so that you and I could be a pair.

If she is you then maybe, like in the dream, you are in a shrine somewhere. I feel as though, like the way you were taken away to an unreachable place in the dream, I'll never be able to see the real you again.

Somehow or other, I want to see you one more time.

If it is the same as in the dream, then you must be in that big shrine called the Kuze Shrine.

I do feel bad for doing this halfway through the doctor's questioning, but all I can think about right now is returning to you as soon as possible.

Please don't move until I reach you.