Originally posted on 3 January 2012
Last updated on 29 June 2015
Source: Fatal Frame 3 Guidebook, page ?

Fatal Frame III: Kaname's Letter 12


My dreams these past few days cause me only anxiety.

The priestess who looks just like you, surrounded by young girls, goes somewhere far, far away, to a place that looks like the ends of the earth.

You, or the priestess, no longer smiles sadly like she used to, simply standing there like an empty shell. Her body is covered with countless tattoos, so that I can no longer see her beautiful skin, and the sight is so heartbreaking that my breath catches in my throat. All the while, the priestess is led by the hand by a young girl, taken in her cage to a place out of reach.

I shouldn't know what happens to her after that, but I can tell that I will never see her again and awake in despair, relieved to find that it was a dream.

When all of my dreams are this bad, is "dream" the correct term for them? On one hand I want to tell Dr. Asou about them, but I feel like to do so would mean doing something I could never take back, and it makes me hesitant to speak of it.

I finally took the time to write you, but everything seems to be going this way lately.

I intend to visit the doctor's laboratory again today. I hope I can report something good to you.