Originally posted on 3 January 2012
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Source: Fatal Frame 3 Guidebook, page ?

Fatal Frame III: Kaname's Letter 11


Today for the first time I called upon Dr. Asou, whom I met the other day, so I will tell you what happened.

Though, I can't really tell you exactly what went on, so I'm honestly quite perplexed. My memories are hazy, and I just can't remember clearly.

I do recall that we discussed a variety of things before a peculiar device that is said to be able to create images of a person, but that itself felt as though it occurred in a dream, a quite strange experience.

According to what I heard later on, he put me into a sort of light doze and examined my mental workings, such as what I was thinking and what people hold in the depths of their minds, asking me trifling questions while I was hypnotised.

Perhaps this influenced me, because since then the memories of my dreams have begun to play in my mind as though real events.

Concealing myself from people surrounding a woman dressed as a priestess, I determinedly walk on, heading for some place a way in.

It feels so much as though it's your voice calling strongly out to me that I even forget that it is a dream.

If this research bears fruit, the records of myself and others who have cooperated in this study will probably survive in the future in some form.

Perhaps this dream of mine can help, however little, to prove whatever it is that the doctor is researching.