Originally posted on 10 January 2012
Last edited on 29 June 2015
Source: Fatal Frame 3 Guidebook, page 137

Fatal Frame III: Kaname's Letter 10

To my dearest Miss Reika,

Are blood-related families really that special?

I love the parents who have raised me all this time more than anything else, and yet somewhere in my heart...

Sometimes I suddenly wonder how my real parents feel towards me right now.

It is true that things happened, and I couldn't stay with them, but I don't feel resentful towards them. At first, I came here wanting to know anything at all about what happened - to learn about what my adoptive parents call the customs of my birthplace - but I spend my whole time silently praying that I may learn more about the feelings of the motherly woman in my dream.

This might also be nothing more than my own convenient interpretation, but I've begun to feel as though she desperately wishes to be reunited with me, and not being able to say anything, since it is a dream, irritates me.

Partings from someone you know you will never see again are sometimes as painful of a reality as if they had died. Perhaps, then, being able to somehow bury the unshakable sadness of this parting is a very important thing.

Since the woman dressed as a priestess appeared in my dream, my feelings seem to have started to change. Maybe she is even acting as an intermediary between us.

Though we are living apart, thinking that in the future we can be reunited once more consoles me a little.

I shall return to the village soon, so please wait there for me and don't go anywhere.