Originally posted on 15 October 2011
Last edited on 23 June 2015
Source: Official site

Fatal Frame II: Visual Representation of the Crimson Butterflies

CG (movie team): Daisuke Inari

The fear that the director requested for Fatal Frame II's cutscenes had to not just be scary, but be beautiful as well. Since it's a horror game, by its very it of course nature it has to be scary, but just being scary doesn't mean just anything will do - ideally, you would be able to feel a subtle Japanese beauty amidst the fear. It's the kind of issue that could drive someone mad, but we used the movies and images the director showed us as reference, working hard to somehow get closer, bit by bit, to that ideal.

CG, sound and story all come together to form the roots of this game, giving it a Fatal Frame-style aesthetic through and through. Please make sure you take the time to properly enjoy this terrifying and beautiful world.