Originally posted on 23 April 2012
Source: Zero / Zero 2 Fanbook, page 58-59

Fatal Frame Fanbook: The Power of Language to Make You Shudder

A Collection of Unforgettable Lines
A collection of various quotations said in the Zero series. The fear of Zero is reiterated by the characters' voices.

Each word of the darkness that makes up the world of Zero, again...

When talking about the charms of Zero, it's impossible to forget the terrifying words of Mayu and Sae, as well as Kirie, spoken within the game. They aren't simply scary. Within the number of ominous words are the characters' emotions, and the events that led up to their horrific deaths. They also leave a kind of impression, which captures the players' hearts.
Things like the sorrow of Sae, and the first love of Kirie, who had only been permitted to live in a cell in the house from when she became old enough to understand what was going on around her. Their tragic words tell all, and bring to life the girls' suffering.
Of course, the words of other characters also appear, giving you a peek into the sadness of the trapped people cursed by the darkness. A father who sacrifices his child to the Hell Gate in order to save the village, a woman who comes to save her lover but is instead killed by him - the grief at the base of these words is truly followed by the fear of Zero.

Didn't we always promise each other... that we would always be together? ...But I understand. However strongly I felt that, we're separate people...
We were born together... but we will live separately, and die alone. So... it's okay... kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me...
Zero ~Akai Chou~ Ending

The line spoken by the overlapping Sae and Mayu by the edge of the Hellish Abyss. Fans of the repeated "Kill me" at the end won't forget how spine-chilling it is.

I... keep feeling like someone is watching me...
Zero ~Akai Chou~ Chapter 4

The line Mayu says in the Kimono Room of the Osaka house. It conveys the fear of there being something in the deserted house enveloped in darkness, and gives you goosebumps.

Mio... don't leave me...
Zero ~Akai Chou~ Chapter 4

A line said by Mayu when you turn the corner around the partition screen in the Kurosawa house guest room. In this line, one of the symbols of Zero, you can see the two's connection.

I wanted to see you...
Zero ~Akai Chou~ Chapter 1

The line said by Miyako Sudo as she walks by on the other side of the mosquito net in the Osaka house. Are these her feelings towards her lover, Masumi Makimura, or the voice of a ghost beckoning to a new trespasser...?

You were born for this purpose.
Zero ~Akai Chou~ Chapter 4

While Mio and Mayu explore the Kurosawa house, the ghost of the ceremony master appears to them and says this line. It hints at the horrible fate awaiting the girls.

Everyone's... dead... It's our fault...
Zero ~Akai Chou~ Chapter 4

Sae suddenly speaks through Mayu's body to say this line in the ceremony master's room in the Kurosawa house. The "us" she speaks of refers to Yae and Sae - in other words, Mio and Mayu.

It's finally here... I'll see the Hellish Abyss... and become a Kusabi...
Zero ~Akai Chou~ Final Chapter

A line said by Seijiro Makabe in the cell of the Kurosawa house, which tells of his conflicting emotions at the sadness of being sacrificed as a Kusabi and the joy of seeing the Hellish Abyss.

The souls are leaving...
Zero ~zero~ Ending

Kirie performs the ritual again, sealing the Hell Gate. Afterwards, Miku speaks this line while being dazzled by the large number of lights floating up into the sky above Himuro Mansion.

Zero ~zero~ Final Night

The scream of the sane Kirie at the moment she was torn apart in the Strangling Ritual. More than the line, the horrific image of the scene leaves an impression.

Miku, I guess I won't be going after all...
Zero ~zero~ Ending

This line is said by Mafuyu Hinasaki, the older brother of Miku, when he thinks of Kirie, who must do the ritual again, and decides to stay with her as she continues to seal the Hell Gate.