Originally posted on 29 March 2012
Source: Zero / Zero 2 Fanbook, page 10-13

Fatal Frame Fanbook: Fatal Frame II Ghosts

Fallen Woman
A ghost who appears on the second floor of the Kiryu house. Along with the twin girls, she appeared many times in my dreams, so she was one of the first ghosts adopted into Akai Chou. I hope you will want to come face to face with this woman as she commits suicide by jumping. We did motion capture for the way she twists and turns as she crawls towards you, but it was hard to reproduce well from my dreams, and surprisingly difficult to do.


The ghost form of folklorist Seijiro Makabe, who was sacrificed in the Hidden Ceremony. He was created with the concept of being a mass of suffering. The ghosts surrounding him were brought along with him from a part of the inside of the Hellish Abyss. In his initial design he would entangle Mio using the ropes hanging from his body, and attack her by constricting them, but it was turned down for being too unpleasant. There is an amazing number of candles in the place where the Kusabi is fought, and I remember that putting them all in there was really tricky.

Mourners are the people who performed the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual at the Hellish Abyss. They were created with the intention of having their eyes sewn shut so they couldn't see into the Abyss, but at first they also had their mouths sewn shut so they couldn't speak of it, either. They were to have had their throats crushed so they couldn't talk, but it was too hard to understand in terms of their design, so it was changed. The images of the ritual in which their eyes were sewn shut was too horrific, so it was cut.

People Killed by Kusabi (Woman)
One of many ghosts appearing in the game in the form of men and women. She died by being torn apart by the Kusabi, in the same way as the other people who fell victim to him. This is because the Kusabi wanted to inflict the same pain he had suffered on the villagers. She was designed to convey to the player her pain upon seeing her.

Broken Neck Woman
A ghost who appears in the Tachibana house and Minakami Cemetery. Not only is she a beauty, but the way she is expressionless and her head is bent 90 degrees gives her an odd kind of appeal. We originally had a scene in which the sliding screen opens just a little, and your eyes meet directly. ...The screen slowly opens, and this woman is standing there... Sadly, we didn't put it in. There was a planner who suggested that this ghost should have an attack in which the viewfinder's viewpoint turns 90 degrees, but it was rejected.

Masumi Makimura
槙村 真澄
A person who became lost within Minakami Village before Mio and Mayu. Since he was killed by the Kusabi, he is shown as having died by being cut up. Miyako, without concern for the danger of becoming trapped within the Lost Village, went looking for Masumi after the search was called off. Masumi killed Miyako by strangling her. The conclusion of killing the one he loves by strangling her hints at the end Mio and Mayu head towards.

Twin Girls
The ghosts of the Kiryu family (Akane and Azami) Twin Shrine Maidens. They are the most symbolic ghosts in Zero ~Akai Chou~. They, too, appeared in my dreams many times, so they were decided upon from the very early stages. In my dreams, a girl stood in the corner of my room, which was lit only by moonlight. The moonlight reflected only in her hair, so all I knew was that her hair was long, but I couldn't see her face. Then, her voice kept coming out like someone was tightly gripping her throat. Some kind of glowing item was near her feet... Each time I had the dream I would be troubled over whether or not I should try to pick it up. In the end, I was always too scared and went past without picking it up, but as I went by I would run with all the energy I had.

Sae Kurosawa
黒澤 紗重
One of the Twin Shrine Maidens from the time of the Repetance's occurrence. Long ago, when I was suffering from sleep paralysis, I heard the door of the room next to mine open and then the sound of someone going into the room. A moment passed, and then I heard a small, distorted voice whisper, "...No one's here..." Then, the door to my room slowly opened... No one was there, but until the door opened I was really frightened. One of her appearances is based on that experience, so those who are interested should check it out.