Originally posted on 3 April 2012
Source: Zero / Zero 2 Fanbook, page 32-35

Fatal Frame Fanbook: Fatal Frame Ghosts

Broken Neck
The ghost of a woman who jumped from the Moon Observatory. By the way, she is quite an explosively popular ghost amongst the staff. While she has a human form she somehow gives off an odd air, and so fits the concept of enemies within this game perfectly. In the early stages she wore western-style clothes, but it turned out that a kimono was especially fitting for Zero's style.

Female Head
The ghost of a woman whose head was cut off by the Himuro Family Master. Within the game there is a scene in which you peep through a hole in the ceiling and your eyes meet with hers, but each time the people working on this cutscene saw it, it would make even them jump. To that extent, she is a scary ghost to see close up. In the game you almost invariably defeat her before the close-up scene, so unfortunately her true fear may not be evoked.

People Killed
The ghosts of those who were gathered at Himuro Mansion at th time of the Strangling Ritual, and were killed by the Calamity. Many of the dead were in the dark cave, writhing around, unable to get out... Because of this, these characters were designed as simple enemies to represent a large number of ghosts. When they all attack you at once, they can be quite powerful foes. Incidentally, within the staff there is a person who is the spitting image of them, and during development these ghosts were called by that person's name.

Crawling Girl
The ghost of a friend of Mikoto, the daughter of folklorist Ryozo Munakata. This ghost was also decided upon in the very early stages. If you observe her movements closely you will notice that she spends most of the time slowly crawling forwards, but rather than just waiting her do this while fighting her you should try to defeat her. Her appearance from under the decking as you try to climb the stairs is popular.

Girl in Well
The ghost of a child who was Spirited Away while playing Demon Tag at Himuro Mansion. When you hear a girl's innocent voice call "Hurry up and find me!" from nearby and raise your camera, she will appear right in front of you to attack... Her attacks are childish and prank-like, but coupled with her face you might get quite a shock.

Blind Demon
The Blind Demon after becoming a ghost. In the Blind Demon Ritual, the blinded demon would chase the children around. The first girl caught would later become a Blind Demon, and the last child left at the end would be the Rope Shrine Maiden. In other words, the Blind Demon is a girl who didn't become the Rope Shrine Maiden. She doesn't look the same age as Kirie... or Miku... but please don't say that.

Kirie (Calamity)
The ghost form of the final Rope Shrine Maiden, Kirie. This was the first character thought up. Ropes hang from her limbs and neck, she has long hair and wears a white kimono. It is simple, but suitable for the scariest horror, and for the scariest ghost. This ghost is the one I would most like to meet. Her name originally comes from the Greek-language hymn "Kyrie Eleison" ("Lord have mercy").

This ghost was created with the concept of being an orthodox victim of Kirie, so it has ropes hanging from its arms like Kirie. He is the first ghost met, during the cutscene in which he attacks Mafuyu, so he appears suddenly without letting you get too good of a look at him, and though this may make you think he is quite strong and scary he is, in fact, the easiest to fight.