Originally posted on 7 June 2012
Source: Zero / Zero 2 Fanbook, page 83

Fatal Frame Fanbook: The Developers' Favourite Ghosts

During the interview, I asked the two (Kikuchi and Shibata) to choose their favourite ghosts from the characters that appear in the Zero series. They also gave their feelings and unique comments. When you next play Zero, remember these comments as you defeat the various ghosts.

Broken Neck
More than anything, I'd say she has an impact when you look at her. Since Zero's enemies are limited to humans, we gave her a design with the most impact. Since you get a shutter chance when she swings her head around it's quite interesting for the game, and having to wait until the very last second to photograph her when she gets close to you matches up with the game's concept. The way she appears, thumping down to the ground, also elicits fear.

Fallen Woman
A ghost who crawls along flat on her back. Each night she would appear in my dreams, so I really wanted to put her in. In my dreams, I was in a really dark room, and when I went inside the room she would come towards me. There was just a dragging sound, so when I got a flash, just for a moment, I didn't know what pose I'd get her in. But when our eyes met, she laughed. "Hee hee."

Azami/Akane Kiryu
Twins, the motif of Akai Chou. Since they're representative of the game, I thought of them first. They attack together, but one of them is a doll, and even if you photograph it you won't inflict any damage. This ghost occasionally appears in the corner of a hallway or standing in the middle of a room. When the doll is just standing there it won't do anything, but in the ghost's case, when it passes by it will attack. There are scary dolls in the entrance of the house, but I came up with the idea of them coming to life when you walk past. When the twin appears, you hear a throaty voice, a voice I heard in a past spiritual experience, which was really scary and I imitated it for recording myself.

Blind Demon
Everyone has their own opinion, but personally I think the ritual scene is so painful it's shocking. After you watch the scene through a hole in the wall, she appears right behind you, so she's a really nasty ghost. This ghost was thought of at the beginning of development, pretty much next after Kirie, so I really wanted to put her in. Her line, "My eyes... My eyes..." was somehow really popular in America, too, and while scary, people enjoyed it.

Chitose Tachibana
Initially, I thought that it would make it scary to look into closets if there was the ghost of a little girl who would lurk inside closets and you wouldn't know which one she'd appear in... but though the close-up of her face during the cutscene she appears in it scary it was also cute, and her defeated pose was incredibly cute, so amongst the staff there were people who would say, "I don't want to defeat her because I feel too bad for her." At some point, everyone actively began searching the closets. I thought the idea of it being scary had kind of failed, but in any case she was really popular.