Originally posted on 7 June 2012
Source: Zero / Zero 2 Fanbook, page 22-23

Fatal Frame Fanbook: Zero ~Akai Chou~ Endings Preview

Mayu... We'll be together forever...

Normal Ending

♦Final Chapter - Akai Chou

The festival gradually heads towards its climax.
Sae lies down before the Hellish Abyss. Yae wraps her hands around her throat slowly.

Her hands apply pressure, and Sae throws her body back.
The rhythm of the festival reaches its climax, enveloping them in a feverish intensity.
Yae uses her strength, and Sae leans back.
Mio squeezes, and Mayu leans back.
Yae uses her strength, and Sae leans back.
Mio squeezes, and Mayu leans back.

A sound like something snapping, then momentary silence.
Mio, overcome with shock, takes her hands from Mayu's neck.

On Mayu's thin white neck, tilted back, are the crimson, crimson handprints.
They look just like a crimson butterfly... and these handprints slowly begin to move like a living thing, a crimson butterfly taking seed and beginning to dance.
This is how the many butterflies flying around the village came to be...

A mad voice echoes through the earth, then the whole village.
While looking at her hands in shock, Mio has no idea what has happened.

The crimson butterfly that flew from Mayu's throat momentarily settles on Mio's hand, then rises above the earth.

"Mayu, Mayu!"

Mio turns, crying as she chases the butterfly.

She chases the butterfly to flat ground where the village's many butterflies have gathered.
They return to the sky.

One butterfly leaves the swarm, circling Mio as though reluctant, then returns to the others.

After all of the butterflies have vanished into the sky, in the village trapped in eternal darkness, the light of the morning sun streams in through the mountains.
Mio stands for some time on the brightening hill.

We can't be together forever...
But... with this, we can become one... Kill me.
We'll always be together... We promised...

Bad Ending

Inside Kureha Shrine, there is an old passage that leads out of the village.
"I'm sorry... I can't keep my promise..."

Mio runs down the dark, narrow path.

"Are you leaving me again?"

The warped voice is muffled.
Footsteps draw closer from behind. The footsteps are strange, like they're made by a bad foot.

Mayu is following me...?
Mio hears Itsuki's voice by her ear as she begins to turn, and stops moving.

"You mustn't look back."

The hesitating Mio immediately hears a voice behind her.

"Mio, we promised that we would be together forever."

Mio turns, and before her eyes is Sae, chasing after her.

Here, Mio loses consciousness.

Mio awakens alone at the mountain stream of her memories. The summer sun's rays shine incessantly around her.

Perhaps at some point she fell asleep. As she recalled the tragic events of her childhood, her heart wandered. She hadn't even noticed that Mayu was gone.
Was that village a dream? Or perhaps...

"Since that day, Mayu has been missing."
"But I know."
"I know that right now, Mayu is waiting for me..."

[1] In this end, Mio doesn't notice Mayu vanishing into the forest.
[2] Mio hears the word "promise" and turns, but what stands there...