Originally posted on 15 April 2012
Source: Zero / Zero 2 Fanbook, page 42-43

Fatal Frame Fanbook: Fatal Frame Endings Preview

Please note: There is an error in this section in which a dialogue box has a header that reads "Mayu is Trapped in the Cell", when in actuality this is the conversation that takes place during the ending of FF1. This is a mistake from the original book - likely erroneously copied over from an earlier section in the book which does have an identical header - which, like everything from the original book, has been preserved.

Normal Ending

♦ Kirie seals the gate

When the completed Holy Mirror is placed on the stone monument, it begins to emit a dazzling light.
The light causes the huge amount of Malice that had been possessing Kirie to vanish, leaving behind Kirie and her brother.
"Remember your duty," says a girl's voice, and she turns to the gate.
Kirie's mission is to keep the gate closed, which she now tries to fulfil completely, and the girl form of Kirie vanishes, satisfied.
Kirie uses her own body as the foundation to keep the gate sealed.
Due to the Malice trying to flow out, impacts run through the gate as it tries to open.
Kirie endures it.
Because of the impact, the cave gradually begins to collapse.
Miku moves to escape. However, Mafuyu resolves to stay there.
This is because he is overcome with pity for Kirie, who will have to continue sealing the gate for eternity, all alone.
Miku keeps calling for her brother, but a massive rock falls and separates the two.

◎ The Morning that Became Zero

Miku wakes up alone in front of Himuro Mansion.
The mansion's souls, who had been cursed by the Calamity, rise into the sky.
The night sky is filled with nothing but souls returning, and while the beauty of it steals her heart, Miku's thoughts turn to what she has lost.
She has lost her precious brother forever.
And, at the same time, Miku senses that she has lost her power to see ghosts.
She will no longer be haunted by visions of impossible things.
She has become a "normal" girl.
Miku, who has lost everything, is enveloped by the morning sun.

Mayu Trapped in the Cell

Miku: Mayufu! Thank goodness...
Kirie: (Young Kirie) Remember your duty!
Kirie: Keeping this gate closed is my duty...
Kirie: ...Ugh!...
Kirie: I will seal the gate... Hurry, get out of here...
Mafuyu: You...
Kirie: If I don't, the Calamity will occur again...
Kirie: ...Thank you... Just for thinking of me...
Miku: Mafuyu, hurry!
Mafuyu: Miku, I can't go after all...
Miku: What are you talking about!? Mafuyu!
Mafuyu: This is something only I can do.
Mafuyu: ...Miku, go back by yourself.

Mafuyu: ...Miku. While I was being led by Kirie, I kept hearing her cries. Asking for help.
About how, as the Rope Shrine Maiden, it was her destiny to seal the gate. About how she wanted to be with her lover.
In that rift, she was torn apart. That was what beckoned in the Calamity. Her ghost, bathed in Malice, was a being that only wanted to inflict the same pain she suffered on others.
Now that the Malice has been lifted from her, she is going to fulfil her duty as Rope Shrine Maiden. Her soul must continue to seal this gate for eternity.
All by herself... Pain without reprieve... If I could lessen her suffering, even a little...
If I could grant her wish, even a little... I want to be by her side, and lend her even just a little strength. ...Miku.
Miku: Mafuyu!
Miku: Ahh...
Miku: The souls are going back...
Mafuyu: ...Miku.
I think now I understand why I was led here... I think I was supposed to accept this fate.
Miku, thank you for everything...
Miku: Since that day, I've stopped seeing impossible things...

Hard Mode Ending
The developer speaks about what was put into the ending...

● About the Hard Mode ending

In the Hard Mode ending, Mafuyu chooses to escape the collapsing cave along with Miku.
As the two watch the souls return to the sky before Himuro Mansion, their thoughts turn to Kirie, who will seal the "Hell Gate" forever.
Mafuyu recalls the painful reluctance of leaving Kirie. Miku is happy to have saved her brother, but she is also miserable when she thinks of Kirie's fate. The two see Kirie's calm expression as she gives herself up to and accepts her fate of continuing to seal the Hell Gate.

★ Supplements to the normal ending

Aside from the knowledge of Kirie's sad fate, there is another reason why Miku feels miserable.

Mafuyu decided to stay with Kirie, without Miku conveying her feelings. He stayed because he couldn't leave Kirie to keep enduring that alone, which was the kind Mafuyu that Miku loved, and her feelings towards her brother grow deeper along with her disconsolation. This is the kind of meaning in Miku's profile during the normal ending.