Originally posted on 14 April 2012
Source: Zero / Zero 2 Fanbook, page 26-27

Fatal Frame Fanbook: Fatal Frame Characters

To Miku, her older brother Mafuyu was an irreplaceable person. Then, that precious brother vanished. Miku, visiting Himuro Mansion, met with unimaginable fear, and a sorrowful woman. However, through this meeting would take Miku through the ages, which held deep connections and bonds with Miku that she had never known.

Miku Hinasaki (雛咲 深紅)

The protagonist of Zero ~zero~. To search for her brother, Mafuyu, who lost contact with her at Himuro Mansion, she battles ghosts. She can see impossible things, and doesn't open up to people. The only one who she can confide in is her brother. Her brother occupied an increasingly large space in her heart, which she spoke of, though in the end it came to nothing. The theme we were going for is that when together, even while they're frank with each other, from somewhere you get an air of tenseness. That was the kind of brother-sister relationship we wanted. Her name originally, as it is now, means "deep red", matching the image colour. To me, she is the ideal protagonist of a Japanese horror.

Mafuyu Hinasaki (雛咲 真冬)

Miku's older brother, who visited Himuro Mansion to search for the missing party of Takamine, a writer. He is Miku's only relative. He isn't only her brother, but also her mother and father, and the only person she will open her heart to. Mafuyu can also see impossible things, and since he doesn't open up to others often he may look like a cool person, but he actually has a very kind and gentle personality. That kindness also has a connection to the ending. A tanka poem by Taeko Kuzuhara, about quiet snow and a dream of a pure older brother, inspired this character.

Kirie (霧絵)

The final Rope Shrine Maiden. As beautiful as she is, she became scary when she turned into a ghost. Furthermore, because of her pure, earnest and tragic love story, as well as her tragic fate, and the way she gave herself up to that fate, her beauty must be befitting. I don't know if she's a conventional stereotype, but Kirie was born with that concept. At the time of the Strangling Ritual she was 17 years old, but she doesn't look the same age as Miku... but please don't say that.

Kirie's Lover (霧絵の想い人)

A man who met Kirie before the Strangling Ritual. He is a character who doesn't appear much, but plays quite an important role. Because Mafuyu resembles Kirie's Lover, she doesn't kill him, instead leading him to the Hell Gate. After he was killed by the priests he was dumped in the Abyss, so you can photograph him there with the Camera Obscura, but his image is quite tragic. It's a photo you won't want to look at much.

Miyuki Hinasaki (雛咲 深雪)

Miku's mother. Since she got the Camera Obscura from her kind mother, she gradually became pulled into the would of the ghosts. ...And then she committed suicide. One hot, summer day, Miku was the first person to discover her mother hanging by the neck, which left a great wound in her heart. Later, she learned that she had arrived at the same fate as Yae, which hints at Miku's dark future. She had her husband, Masato, also had a child, Mafuyu. The next child was Miku. Their names have meaning.

Kimono Girl (着物の少女)

7-year-old Kirie from the day she was chosen as the Rope Shrine Maiden in the Blind Demon Ritual. When she appears she points at something and then vanishes, but you keep following her and in the end she points at the Hell Gate before disappearing. You realise that it has all been for leading you here.