Siren: Call of the Red Sea

Call of the Red Sea is a manga by Wataru Kamio that was originally serialised in Shin Mimibukuro Atmos from July 2014 until December 2015. Despite being scheduled to move online in April 2016, the manga went on indefinite hiatus due to the author's ill health before being cancelled and replaced with Siren: ReBIRTH. The manga is supervised by the original developers and follows the story of the first Siren game, also showing some things that don't appear in the game itself. A volume containing the first seven chapters has been released physically and digitally, containing a bonus interview with Mitsuyoshi Shinoda.

A spin-off containing some backstory for Tamon Takeuchi and Yoriko Anno's relationship was also released in October 2016, written and drawn by Tsutomu Sakai and Shinya Iiboshi.

Call of the Red Sea, Volume 1
SIREN 赤イ海ノ呼ビ声 1
Pages: 196
Published: 18 December 2015 (physical), 18 March 2016 (digital)
Publisher: Homesha/Shueisha
ISBN: 978-4834232387
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AJP (physical)
BW (digital)